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Whether you're dealing with vandalism, peanut allergies or a stranger near campus, AWSP has a variety of sample letters to help you communicate. The sample letter library can be accessed by members only.

Sample Letter Library

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Resources for Undocumented Students

Our current political climate, specifically with respect to immigration, has raised stress levels in many schools and districts around our state. Requests have come into AWSP for resources on dealing with this issue.  We realize that each principal’s political reality varies greatly from district to district, so as you look at the resources we are beginning to compile here, be sure that the actions you take align with your district's policies and procedures and your superintendent is on board with your plan of action.  

Dealing with major issues that become significant distractions is nothing new for principals. Taking the lead on ensuring students' physical and emotional safety, coordinating and leading cohesive staff action, and communicating with students, parents, and the larger community is what we do. Sharing your strategies with colleagues is what makes your association strong. We’ll keep posting tools, resources, and communications samples dealing with undocumented students and immigration issues on this page as we get them in. 

Sample AYP Letters