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David Morrill
Feb 04, 2019

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About the Position

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) is seeking candidates for the position of Associate Director. The chosen candidate will work with the AWSP Executive Director and AWSP Board in fulfilling board policy and direction. This full-time position (230 days) will join the AWSP Executive Team in the support of K-12 principals and assistant principals, the principalship, and all students throughout the state. 


  • Proactively provide direct support to the needs of all members.
  • Serve as a key resource for K-12 principals, as well as building and district leadership teams.
  • Challenge the status quo to increase access and opportunities for each and every student by dismantling historically inequitable systems in our state.
  • Assist, plan, and coordinate AWSP professional learning for members (both in person and digital learning).
  • Act as liaison and program coordinator for one of AWSP’s Grade Level Governance Boards (Elementary, Middle, High School), and other groups, committees or boards as assigned.
  • Provide direct and indirect oversight and program support to AWSP’s Learning Centers.
  • Collaborate, support, and promote AWSL (Student Leadership) programs.
  • Serve as an AWSP liaison with state boards and agencies, stakeholder groups, committees, and principal preparation programs as assigned.
  • Establish, build, and sustain key relationships with business sponsors and partners.
  • Understand and apply educational law and contractual provisions for the purpose of responding to member requests for assistance.
  • Advocate on behalf of the AWSP legislative platform.

Professional Qualifications and Characteristics

Applicants with the following professional qualifications and characteristics will be given the highest consideration:

  • Demonstrated commitment to our state’s students and to the importance of the principal as an educational leader.
  • Successful performance as a school administrator, including experience as a school principal, preferably in Washington state.
  • Ability to manage program and grant finances, and identify revenue generators for conferences and events. 
  • Ability to identify and analyze key educational issues in relation to AWSP’s mission, goals, and ethical standards.
  • Exhibit high ethical standards, commitment, strong communication and organizational skills, accessibility, active listening abilities, and a good sense of humor.  
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects and be a self-starter.
  • Familiarity with significant authors and effective presenters in the field of education and professional learning.
  • Commitment to partnering with AWSP staff to fulfill the Association’s administrative and service responsibilities to its members.
  • Ability to develop, plan, and present professional learning to large groups of adults according to research-based adult learning theory (no boring sit-and-get).
  • Master’s degree in a related field.

Compensation / Benefits

  • Annual contract of 230 days: September 1–August 31.
  • Salary competitive with principals with similar responsibilities.
  • Vacation and sick leave provided.
  • Deferred compensation/retirement plan and VEBA plan provided.
  • Medical insurance, life insurance, short term salary insurance plan provided.

 *This position is not part of the state retirement system


Position Announcement:            Friday - February 1, 2019

Application deadline:                 Friday - March 8, 2019, at noon

Applicant interviews:                 Wednesday - March 27, 2019

Starting date:                            Monday - July 1, 2019

A transition contract will be negotiated to establish a summer transition schedule prior to the Sept. 1 contract start.

Application Procedure

Applicants should submit the following:

  1. A letter of interest relating to the professional qualifications and characteristics required by this position.
  2. A résumé.
  3. A list of three to five references.
  4. A one-page statement (12 pt. font) describing your vision of the role you would play impacting the lives of students, principals, and educational systems in Washington as an Associate Director and valuable member of the executive team of the Association of Washington School Principals.

AWSP encourages applications inside and outside the organization and will consider each based upon merit. Applications will be held in the strictest confidence until finalists are selected. 

AWSP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is AWSP’s policy to comply with federal and state laws concerning non-discrimination and Equal opportunity employment, regardless of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or any other category established in Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act or other legislation, and to take affirmative action towards the goals and intentions of the applicable laws. 

Return completed applications to:           

AWSP Associate Director
Attn: Kim Marquette, Assistant to the Executive Director
Association of Washington School Principals
1021 8th Avenue SE
Olympia, WA  98501-1515

Email Kim

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