'Twas The Night Before Winter Break

David Morrill
Dec 19, 2019

winter break image

Please enjoy this clever bit of poetry, courtesy of Omak High School Principal David Kirk.

‘Twas the week before break and all through the school

The students were studying for exams that aren’t cool.

The students’ work was hung on walls with care,

With hopes that high scores would soon appear there.


Technology is working, and the staff is in step

As the administration is quickly filling out TPEP.

The end of first semester is coming near

As we only have three weeks after the New Year.


I walk through classrooms, seeing great education being taught

Knowing that my teachers always give all they’ve got.

As we stress over data and the achievement gap

It is clear that there is space in the brains left to tap.


Then came an OSPI bulletin that arose such a clatter

And I rushed to the website to see what’s the matter?

What a great surprise to a new assessment name

As my students are struggling to hit the ‘moving target’ game


With education changing, and Collections of Evidence not coming back

The confusion with graduation, is rising high in my stack.

With no AYP and no support team to blame

OSPI called all the assessments out by name:


On WASL – Wait that’s SBAC, on Finals – that was EOC

Testing MAPS and DIBELS, no one is free

Smarter Balance confusion is on the rise

With stress and frustration in students’ eyes.


As this poem is meant to add joy and smile

Knowing that education always goes the extra mile

So many assessments for goodness sake

Please hug a teacher and have a safe break.

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