Fact or Fiction? Classroom Exclusions #3

David Morrill
Dec 21, 2019


Fact or Fiction?

A “Brief Duration” is defined by law as 5 minutes or less.


State regulations actually do not define “brief duration”.  So, there is no set amount of time that defines a Classroom Exclusion. 

That said...the goal is to keep students in class as much as possible and the intent of the new discipline law is to avoid students being punished by having them out of class or school for extended periods of time.

Evidence-based behavioral interventions and classroom strategies that include brief durations of time away from instruction typically recommend a duration not to exceed five minutes. 

For example, Breaks are Better—a tier 2 intervention intended for students who engage in task-avoidance behaviors—provides students explicit opportunities to request breaks from academic activities for approximately 2 to 5 minutes. 

The key questions in all of this is…”What we are having students do while they are out of class? And how can we develop non-punitive classroom instructional systems for behavior modification that support students as they work to increase behaviors that promote learning?

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