Fact or Fiction? Classroom Exclusions #4

David Morrill
Dec 28, 2019


Fact or Fiction?

A student is directed to leave the classroom in order to have a conversation with the teacher in the hallway.  This action needs to be documented as a Classroom Exclusion.

It Depends.

If the student remains under the teacher’s supervision while in the hallway for a brief period of time and the purpose of the conversation is to support the student in meeting behavioral expectations, the teacher’s action would constitute “other forms of discipline” and would not be a Classroom Exclusion. 

Similarly, if the teacher calls for support so a different adult can work with the student for a brief period of time - for purposes of re-teaching or reviewing classroom expectations - that action would not constitute a Classroom Exclusion.

However, if a teacher directs the student to go into the hallway and leaves the student there unsupervised—or, for example, with a para-professional for longer than a brief duration of time—those actions would constitute a classroom exclusion. 

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