OSPI School Safety Tips for July

Mike Donlin | OSPI School Safety Center
Jun 26, 2020

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How about a fun, rewarding safety activity for students this summer?

Washington Operation Lifesaver (WAOL) is a non-profit organization consisting of public and private entities whose purpose is to educate the public about safe practices at highway-rail grade crossings and other locations along railroad tracks. 

With the official beginning of summer and increased outdoor activities, WAOL wants to raise awareness about rail safety with students and their families. 

WAOL is hosting a poster drawing contest for students entering Kindergarten to 5th grade this Fall. Students are invited to create a poster sharing their ideas for being safe around railroad crossings and railroad tracks. Entries will be sorted into divisions by grade level, and Amazon gift cards will be awarded for the top artists in each division. Students can check out the www.OLI.org website for ideas.

  • Who can enter:  Children in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  
  • What can you enter:  One poster no larger than 20 x 20 inches. 
  • What materials can be used:  Pencils, markers, paint, watercolors, pastels, or crayons  on construction paper or poster board. 
  • What are the age divisions:  Division A, K – 1st grade; Division B,  2nd – 3rd grade; Division C, 4th – 5th grade.
  • What are the Prizes (Amazon gift cards) will be awarded in all divisions: First place:  $75, Second place:  $50, Third place:  $25!
  • Deadline - Submit your entry by Aug 30, 2020

To submit an entry, take a photo of your poster and entry form and submit both to washington@oli.orgIf your poster is awarded a prize, WAOL will provide a mailing tube for you to mail your poster to us at Washington Operation Lifesaver, PO Box 47250 Olympia, WA 98504-7250

Again, for all the details, click on this link

Finally, for teachers, Pre-K-12, there are lots of additional safety materials linked here.

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