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  • AWSP News for November 21, 2018

    David Morrill
    Nov 21, 2018
    Welcome to another episode of AWSP News, where we list all the things we're thankful for, including Rainier View Elementary principal Anitra Pinchback-Jones and her Milken Award, our partnership with OSPI and Title II funds to support you better, new Fast Five videos and a new video highlighting Lopez Island's Farm Education program, Pacific Education Institute's vision for STEM and Field STEM and New York Times bestselling author Richard Louv's keynote, former Governor Christine Gregoire's visit to our studio and her support and leadership with our Chief Education Officer network that pairs principals and executives from Washington Roundtable and Challenge Seattle, the great professional learning networks across the state, the support we're getting from stakeholders and members on the principal pay gap, the questions we've received on Twitter with our #AskAWSP hashtag, our great support team we have at AWSP to answer your calls, and our awesome emeritus members and their willingness to step back and serve.
  • Go All-In on PBIS

    Kurt Hatch
    Nov 15, 2018
    It is abundantly clear implementing PBIS with fidelity throughout all facets of the system (district office, schools, classrooms, transportation, food service etc.) results in unprecedented changes in the culture, systems and learning of any school-community. PBIS is a tool designed to create equity-centered proactive systems for monitoring and responding to the needs of students and, importantly, the needs of adults...and this is where the conversation tends to get tricky.
  • Healthy Relationships Feel Good

    David Morrill
    Nov 14, 2018
    That’s the tag line from the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV). We know principals and assistant principals across the state are dealing with mental health and safety issues every day, and healthy relationships, whether for your staff or your students, can definitely fall into either of those categories.
  • AWSP News for November 7, 2018

    David Morrill
    Nov 07, 2018
    In this episode of AWSP News, we discuss our recent AWSP TV episode with former Governor Christine Gregoire about leadership and the role of the principal, how our Political Action Committee supports the candidates who support you and your students, our upcoming professional learning opportunities and Title II funding, a workshop to help you improve your public speaking, American Education Week, some great resources on the ASCD website, Ballard High School principal Keven Wynkoop’s Principal of the Year Award from the Washington Library Association, a student leadership question from Ryan Block for our #AskAWSP segment, the US Senate Youth Scholarship and how to get your students eligible, and a great podcast for some health and nutrition tips.
  • AWSP News for October 17, 2018

    David Morrill
    Oct 17, 2018
    In this episode of AWSP News, we discuss our principal pay survey, our board structure and upcoming meeting, our advocacy committee and PAC, our upcoming advocacy platform, our Clear Risk Solutions and Seattle Pacific University sponsorships, more great feedback from Principals Month, AWSL's Starting in the Middle publication and how it can help your middle school leadership programs, and preview our new studio and first talk show with Dr. Caprice Hollins and Jack Arend.
  • Principal Partners for Legislators

    Roz Thompson
    Oct 10, 2018
    Become a Principal Partner for Legislators to connect more regularly with a legislator you already have a relationship with or with whom you are interested in developing a better relationship. It’s easy!
  • Help for Mental Health

    Roz Thompson
    Oct 10, 2018
    When talking to family, friends and students, and interact with coworkers, we know that lots of people around us are dealing with mental health issues. So what can we do? When does a situation become an illness or a crisis? How can we help until professionals can take over? The City of Auburn developed a one hour mental health training so that anyone can be a first responder to mental health needs.
  • AWSP News for October 3, 2018

    David Morrill
    Oct 03, 2018
    In this episode of AWSP News, Kurt Hatch fills in for Scott Seaman and we discuss the challenges and rewards of the principals job, National and State Principals Month, our Facebook contest to celebrate the month, how much the average principal is working, Principal of the Year and Assistant Principal of the Year nominations, Cameron Grow's Fast Five Video for Creating a Positive Staff Culture, proposals for presenting at the Pave the Way Conference put on by the Washington Student Achievement Council, two OSPI webinars related to student discipline, getting eligible students to vote, Prudentials 24th annual Spirit of Community Awards, and CSTPs 15th birthday.
  • Cameron Grow's Five Tips for Creating a Positive Staff Culture

    David Morrill
    Oct 01, 2018
    Cameron Grow, principal at Lincoln Middle School in the Pullman School District, gives five great tips (and a bonus) for creating a great staff culture.
  • Senator Lisa Wellman Wins AWSP’s 2018 Torch of Leadership Award

    David Morrill
    Sep 21, 2018
    Senator Lisa Wellman is the winner of AWSP’s 2018 Torch of Leadership Award. Senator Wellman is a Democrat representing the 41st Legislative District which serves Mercer Island, Bellevue, Newcastle and parts of Issaquah.

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