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  • AWSP News for September 19, 2018

    David Morrill
    Sep 18, 2018
    In this edition of AWSP News, we discuss post-strike and post-bargaining focus on culture, the closing gap between teacher and principal pay and what we're doing about it, including our recent survey, participating with us and our #AskAWSP segment, Robert Hand, our new state Teacher of the Year, nominating a great colleague for Principal of the Year, Senator Wellman, our 2018 Torch of Leadership winner, great resources for you to communicate with parents on the GearUp website, taking the lead on learning in your building, and using student voice to keep students engaged and motivated.
  • EOGOAC Meeting - Partnering on Equity

    Kurt Hatch
    Sep 18, 2018
    Partnering with equity-focused committees and agencies is one way AWSP focuses on educational justice for historically underserved populations. On Tuesday, Director of Government Relations, Roz Thompson and I traveled to Renton for a meeting of the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversite and Accountability Committee (EOGOAC). A highly influential group of decision-makers, the EOGOAC’s mission is to address the opportunity gap in Washington state.
  • Strikes, Pay, and Workload: We're Here for You

    Roz Thompson
    Sep 11, 2018
    We know many of you are in unchartered territory. The start of the school year always brings excitement and stress, but the changes the Legislature made to the way we fund schools have also brought confusion, chaos, anger, frustration, and uncertainty. It's not been a good summer for bargaining, and we know many of you across the state are still dealing with the anxiety and challenges created by a work stoppage, or the very real threat of one.
  • AWSP News for September 5, 2018

    David Morrill
    Sep 05, 2018
    In this episode of AWSP News, we discuss teacher strikes across the state, the shrinking gap between principal and teacher pay, some great ideas for starting the year off right, our interview with Washington comedian and actor Joel McHale, some safety and vaping resources from OSPI, another OSPI budget survey, your goals for the year, our goals for the year and two new staff to support the east side of the state, our new #AskAWSP segment, and a great quote about principal leadership from former Governor Christine Gregoire.
  • Ten Non-Standard Ideas About Going Back to School

    Gary Kipp
    Aug 27, 2018
    I stumbled across this article on non-standard ideas for teachers about going back to school. I liked it, so I thought I would share. Read Nancy Flanagan's EdWeek blog post. Read Nancy Flanagan's EdWeek blog post.
  • Don't Let New Discipline Rules Get You In Trouble

    Scott Friedman
    Aug 24, 2018
    I’m in trouble...I’m not in I in trouble? Confused? After two years of writing and revising, OSPI finally adopted new state rules (WACs) for student discipline. The rules describe how school administrators discipline students, communicate with parents, and provide guidance and due process expectations for suspended or expelled students.
  • What the Heck is Juuling?

    David Morrill
    Jul 27, 2018
    I've heard of vaping, but "juuling" is new to me. If you're now sure what "juuling" is, it's basically a form of vaping often difficult to detect. We've heard from principals about the many challenges vaping presents in schools, one of the main ones being, you have no clue what's being vaporized and ingested.
  • TVW Interviews Our Middle Level Principal of the Year with Mandy Manning

    David Morrill
    Jun 29, 2018
    For the third year in a row, TVW's Inside Olympia interviewed Washington's Teacher of the Year and one of our Principals of the Year. This year, the teacher also happened to be the National Teacher of the Year, Mandy Manning. Our Middle Level Principal of the Year, Marc Gallaway, represented principals.
  • Dear Principals: A Letter From the Washington Library Association

    Craig Seasholes & Marianne Costello
    Jun 21, 2018
    Dear Principals, This year’s Basic Education Funding Bill has given your school an unprecedented opportunity to update a significant capital resource: your library. Substitute Senate Bill 6362designated for library materials in the Basic Education Funding bill created a $20/FTE line item for libraries.
  • AWSP News for June 21, 2018

    David Morrill
    Jun 21, 2018
    Welcome to our last AWSP News for the 2017-18 school year, where we discuss feedback for the AWSP Leadership Framework rubric language, examining your cultural competence and racial identity to become the best leader you can be, updates from OSPI, the State Board of Education, and bills from this last session, mental health first responders, more high five goodness, updating your info with us, and Scott says thanks.

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