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NIC Grant Application 

Cluster Grants

AWSP provides Networked Improvement Community Grants of up to $800 for members to initiate problem-solving projects, research efforts and other relevant team-oriented projects, by creating teams within districts or across districts.  Since the purpose of these grants is to promote networks of principals, we do not typically fund requests for individual buildings or requests that serve non AWSP members.


NICs may be organized for the following purposes:

  • Shared study and research
  • Skill building
  • Product production
  • Professional interaction

Each NIC is responsible for providing AWSP with the following:

  • A plan of action
  • A record of its activities
  • A list of participants
  • A report of its outcomes

Grant funds may be spent at NIC discretion on expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Speakers
  • Facility 
  • Food
  • Other professional development expenses

Applicant Information

Please provide a valid address where we can send a check.

Clock Hour Request

AWSP is happy to provide clock hours for our grant recipients.  Clock hours are granted for face to face learning time and will be approved with the following criterion being met.

  • Agenda indicating specific learning time (start time, end time and content covered).  Breaks cannot count in the clock hours, but a meal can if it’s a “working meal”.
  • Sign-in sheets for each participant for each session (like you would for a staff meeting)
  • Participants must complete an evaluation (Survey Monkey) that includes participant perception of the relevance of the training
  • Copies of materials submitted to AWSP for record keeping.  Electronic submission preferred.

Once the above terms are met, a clock hour form will be processed and issued to the program leader for distribution to participants.


By Checking the Box Below: I certify that all participants are current members of AWSP and I pledge to use any funds granted through this application in an appropriate manner. If granted funding, I will be required to submit a participant sign-in sheet (for clock hours) and a report on the effectiveness of the professional learning activity for which the funds were used.

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