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Six More Days to Nominate the Next Principal of the Year

David Morrill
Communications Director
November 24, 2015

Nominate a Great Principal Today

For the first time, we've opened up the nomination process for Principal of the Year. In the past, only fellow principals could nominate each other, but now teachers, school personnel, central office, superintendents, parents, and community leaders can nominate a deserving principal to be Principal of the Year. 

AWSP recognizes three principals with Principal of the Year awards, celebrating elementary, middle and high school principals. The awards provide significant recognition on the regional and state level. The middle and high school level winners are eligible to compete at the national level. Taj Jensen, the 2015 Elementary Principal of the Year, had this to say about being recognized in Washington, D.C.:

DC is amazing! The trip far exceeded anything I had in mind. The level of networking was unbelievable. The first three days were sightseeing. It was truly a life changing event and one that has brought even more urgency and drive to my career.

What are you waiting for? Check out our Principal of the Year page for more details or nominate someone today.

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