Principals are busy people. We know that. You know that. With that in mind, we created our podcast. If you’re not familiar with podcasting, think of it like on-demand radio programming. No topic too broad and no niche too small, podcasting has boomed over the last several years. Who podcasts? From NPR to ESPN and tech nerds to jokesters, there are tons of great podcasts out there just waiting to be discovered.

Why Podcast?

One of the things we like about the medium is it allows us to bring our members conversations about practice, education news, and what’s happening with your association, all in a format that you don’t have to read or watch. Take us with you on your jog, listen to us on your commute, have us playing in your office as your drown in the sorrow that is your inbox. 

Current Episode

Gene Sharrat, Executive Director of the Washington Student Achievement Council, discusses hot topics in education and the transition to beyond high school.