AWSP Leadership Framework User's Guide

AWSP has created a User's Guide to accompany the AWSP Leadership Framework. It will assist principals and their evaluators with the process. The Guide exists in three forms:

Printed Copy: A printed copy of the Guide was mailed to all principals, assistant principals and superintendents in early May 2014. Principals and assistant principals who are new AWSP members as of May 2014 will receive their printed copy from an AWSP Membership Ambassador in the fall.

Online Access (Members Only): The full User's Guide is available to members by logging in.

Interactive Book: The User's Guide is available in interactive form for iPad and Mac. This version is available for purchase through the iBooks Store. The interactive book includes:
  • Free, downloadable updates
  • Digital note-taking
  • Searchability
  • Digital bookmarking
  • Study and review sections
  • Photo galleries, and much more
Read the User's Guide for iBooks Store FAQ, which includes information on volume purchasing.


Setting the Stage

  • Introduction, Structure, and Organization of the Guide

Professional Growth Planning (PGP)

Using Data to Inform Principal Evaluation and Practice

Preparing for the Evaluation

  • Considering the Degree of Authority and Support
  • Images of Possibilities: The Role of Principal Supervisors
  • Criterion 1: Creating a Culture
  • Criterion 2: Ensuring School Safety
  • Criterion 3: Planning with Data
  • Criterion 4: Aligning Curriculum
  • Criterion 5: Improving Instruction
  • Criterion 6: Managing Resources
  • Criterion 7: Engaging Communities
  • Criterion 8: Closing the Gap    

Adapting the Framework for Assistant Principals

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Coordination 

Partnering with Student Leaders


  • Staff Survey Prompts
  • Principal Planning Templates
  • Sample Goals
  • Rubrics