Looking for Hope?

Sep 02, 2014

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Posted by Scott Seaman

Looking For Hope?

We all know that positive adult-student relationships are key to students staying engaged in school. The other major factor contributing to the success of our students is their ability to see a positive future: a future of hope. In an age of school reform, talking about relationships and hope can often get pushed down the list by Common Core, instructional frameworks and testing. AWSP Leadership Framework Criteria 1 talks about the importance of Creating a Culture of learning. Where does this journey begin? It begins with hope. 

Where is your school on its journey of creating hope for every student in the school? What is the mission of the school? What is the common belief? Does everyone believe that 100% of the students can and will be successful? What is your cultural code? Something like…“We don’t give up on kids, nor do we tolerate anyone who does.” 

If you are looking for other resources to support your journey of creating an atmosphere of hope for all, take a look at www.kidsathope.org. There are many great programs like PBIS, Renaissance, etc., that are changing the way we build positive mental futures for students. Kids At Hope is another resources that is available for you that helps build that common purpose, common vision, and most importantly, common culture in your school. If you’d like more information about Kids at Hope or would like to talk with principals who are using this program and finding great success, contact Scott.

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