Beyond the Bake Sale October 7, 2014

Oct 07, 2014

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Posted by Martin Fortin 
Beyond the Bake Sale graphic

“Beyond the Bake Sale”

Q. If the members of an ASB club wanted to participate in a fundraiser to help pay for individual costs (say the club is going on a field trip), could the club then turn around and allocate those raised funds for the participants of the fundraiser? For example, Student A raises $100, that $100 goes into the club’s ASB account, can the club then approve for that $100 to be allocated to help Student A offset the cost of the field trip that Student A wants to attend?

A. State Auditor Staff has given us guidance for this issue. It is allowable to keep track of a student’s proportional efforts and credit that amount to their participation in an ASB initiative. Note that that the student does not have a proprietary ownership in the money, it still is public money that belongs to the ASB.


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