Ask Dr. WAC: Principal Focus Evaluation Requirements vs. Teacher Requirements

Oct 14, 2014

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Posted by Gary Kipp 

Ask Dr. WAC:Principal Focus Evaluation Requirements vs. Teacher Requirements

Q: Dr. WAC, does the principal focus evaluation follow the same focus requirements of teachers?

A: You can find these details and WAC-specific answers in Appendix C of the AWSP Leadership Framework User's Guide. Here are three key items I'd like to point out: 
  1. For the most part, they are the same.
  2. Observation Requirements:
    •  Principals - There are no observation requirements for focused evaluations of principals.
    • Teachers - The same requirements for observation of teachers on a comprehensive evaluation also apply to a focused evaluation. The only exception to that is if the criterion chosen is not "observable" (whatever that means).
  3. Student Growth: For both, if a criterion is chosen that does not have a student growth element, a student growth element must be added.
  • Principals - Principals may pick from any student growth element in the framework.
  • Teachers - Teachers are limited to picking from only Criteria 3 & 6

Thanks for the question. Keep them coming in.

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