Beyond the Bake Sale: Canned Food Drives

Nov 17, 2014

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Posted by Martin Fortin

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Beyond the Bake Sale: Canned Food Drives

Q. What are the typical issues surrounding a canned food drive put on by a school ASB, and then the subsequent donation of the canned food?

A. Consider the canned food drive as a charitable fundraiser. Instead of cash, the “money” is food. Here are the guidelines for a charitable fundraiser (Non-associated Student Body Private Money):

Five Main Rules
  1. There must be a school board policy. Prior to solicitation of funds, school board must adopt policies outlining the scope and nature of fundraising to be allowed.  Policy to include provisions to ensure appropriate accountability, including prompt deposit, holding moneys in trust, and disbursement only for the intended purpose.
  2. It should be a bona fide charity. Funds may be used for scholarship, student exchange, and/or charitable purposes. Does NOT include any activity related to political activities, such as campaigns or initiatives.
  3. Prior to the fundraising, notice must be given. The purpose of the fundraiser must be clearly identified and must state that the proceeds are nonassociated student body funds, to be held in trust by the district exclusively for intended purposes.
  4. Direct services provided by the district must be paid for. The school district should withhold from moneys raised an amount adequate to reimburse the district for its DIRECT costs in handling these private moneys and WAC 392-138-205 applies to moneys received, deposited, invested and accounted for under this section. Disbursements must follow WAC 392-138-210.
  5. It is NOT public money. Non-associated student body private moneys shall not be deemed public moneys under section 7, Article VIII of the state Constitution.

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