"These kids LOVE math." – EngageNY and the Common Core

Feb 15, 2015

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Posted by Vicki Bates

“These kids LOVE math.” – EngageNY and the Common Core

Way to go, Bethel! So inspiring to hear a principal (along with teachers and central office leaders) remind us of the power of vertical alignment, powerful instruction, and communication and collaboration with families in leading to positive outcomes for students. It’s so refreshing to hear their honest acknowledgement of the challenges at first – for everyone, including students. Yet, students today are being touted as “engineers” who are “farther ahead” than they have previously been in their mathematics learning. It’s noted that, “kids love the challenge,” and are willing to tackle work they may not know how to take on at the outset. Now that’s a skill that will help them be college and career ready!

AWSP Leadership Criterion and Elements: Aligning Curriculum 4.2, Improving Instruction 5.3, Engaging Communities 7.2

  • Video
  • Math
  • AWSP LF 7.2
  • AWSP LF 5.3
  • AWSP LF 4.2
  • Engaging Communities
  • Improving Instruction
  • Aligning Curriculum

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