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Posted by Martin Fortin


Outside is In: 16 Tips for Getting Outside

The Children and Nature Network blog has some great tips for increasing the quality and quantity of time spent outdoors. They break down their tips into time and quality, what schools can do, and what communities can do. Here's their list for schools:

Wouldn’t it be great if schools could reduce problem behaviors while increasing focus and academic achievement, without stretching tax-payers’ wallets?

  • No extra certification required! Sunshine is a well-known antidote to depression and time outdoors can be successful in reducing anxiety, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
  • Schools can set the expectation that lesson plans will allow for flexibility to take students outside whenever possible to reap these benefits. Whether it’s a class in health, math, English, science or art, changing the teaching setting alone can enliven a class and spark greater discussion and participation.
  • Green settings, sunlight and natural surroundings minimize school avoidance and other negative and disruptive behaviors.
  • Make your case for field trips easier by partnering with a local preserve or nature center to jointly develop programs based on the teaching standards. Take advantage of those aspects of the curriculum that are best taught outdoors and start small, perhaps with one grade level.>>
For all the tips or to check out more, visit their blog.