Beyond the Bake Sale March 18, 2015

Mar 18, 2015

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Posted by Martin Fortin 
Beyond the Bake Sale graphic

Beyond the Bake Sale

 We would like to purchase items to reward kids on good behavior.  These items are NOT for resale, but to give out as a “reward”. Is our ASB allowed to do that?  I heard we cannot purchase food as a “prize”, and so we are looking at purchasing beanies, water bottles, Nerf footballs, etc.  I’m sorry that I’m bothering you about this, but before we purchase these items I wanted to find out from you if we can.  Thank you. 
A. Yes, it is okay to purchase items to build school spirit/ culture and award them for student performance. You can use ASB funds to support the projects as long as the criteria advances extracurricular initiatives that are Cultural, Athletic, Recreations, or Social. In addition, that you need the approval of the student officers and the adviser.  Also- food as an award is not against national rules, but may be a problem with local school board policies.

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