Beyond the Bake Sale: Grant Via Booster Club

Apr 14, 2015

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Posted by Martin Fortin 

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Beyond the Bake Sale: Grant Via Booster Club

Q. We have a couple of teachers who want to chase down a grant. However, the grant requires us to have a 501c3 status. Is it legal for our teachers to work through our Booster Club to request those grants? The money would go to the Boosters and then they would write us a check or purchase the stuff we want. It feels like a loophole, but we want to make sure it’s legal.
A. The grant would be initiated by and given to the nonprofit Booster Club. That means the club owns the money and must report its use to the grantor(s). Teachers must be careful to not use school time or materials (which are a public resource) for a private entity.  But, the teacher can help however they wish during their personal time. If the grant is awarded, the Boosters can make a donation to the school.

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