Beyond the Bake Sale

Aug 26, 2015

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Posted by Martin Fortin

Beyond the Bake Sale graphic

“Beyond the Bake Sale”

Q. I found out recently the money raised from selling gold cards for the teams at our school go into booster clubs, and not ASB. I recall you saying gold card money should go into ASB and not a booster club. Can you could clarify the subject and why it should go into ASB and not booster?

A. Basically, if the coach (who is a school employee) has organized the sale, the money is technically public ASB money. In particular, if the sales are happening at school, or money is turned in at school, it would definitely become an ASB fundraiser.

AWSP and WASBO are sponsoring Booster Club workshops on September 10th in Renton, and October 7th in Spokane. For more details visit:

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  • Booster
  • ASB

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