Leading for Systems Change

Nov 01, 2017

The University of Washington’s College of Education wrote a great story about our Deputy Executive Director, Scott Seaman. Scott is in the last year of his Leadership for Learning (EdD) program at the UW. He’ll become our next Executive Director in September 2018 when our beloved Gary Kipp retires. The article provides some great background about Scott’s journey.

Four years ago, Seaman made the tough decision to leave the school where he had spent the majority of his career to join the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) as its deputy executive director and director of high school programs.

“I look at that choice as a decision that was pivotal for my career,” he said. “I left the classroom to have a bigger impact on the school. Eventually, I would leave the school to have a bigger impact on the state.”

In his new role at AWSP, Seaman was responsible for providing resources and support for principals of K–12 schools in all of Washington’s 295 districts.

To learn more about Scott, check out the rest of the article.


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