Strikes, Pay, and Workload: We're Here for You

Roz Thompson
Sep 11, 2018


We know many of you are in unchartered territory. The start of the school year always brings excitement and stress, but the changes the Legislature made to the way we fund schools have also brought confusion, chaos, anger, frustration, and uncertainty. It's not been a good summer for bargaining, and we know many of you across the state are still dealing with the anxiety and challenges created by a work stoppage, or the very real threat of one. We've heard from a lot of you about your unique situation. We wanted to send this email to provide some updates on bargaining and budgeting, as well as share some of the ways we are working to support you.

Here is what we know:


  • The 3.1% cap on administrator salaries is only a one-year cap.
  • The 3.1% salary limitation was intended for all positions and was not clearly articulated for classified and instructional staff positions in statutory language.
  • Your principal contract agreements should be limited to the 2018-19 year. This lets you respond next year to the salary increases teachers are getting this year, as well as any modifications the Legislature might make this coming session.
  • The Legislators we've talked to have told us that the narrowing gap between principal and teacher salaries is an unintended consequence of contract negotiations.
Here is what we've been doing:
  • Helping principals navigate teacher strikes throughout the state.
  • Helping principals reset their school culture following difficult negotiations.
  • Combining the best elements of model principal contracts to help prepare principals for negotiations next year.
  • Engaging stakeholders in the discussion around narrowing the gap between principal and teacher salaries (this includes legislators, OSPI and other education advocates).
  • Creating resources to advocate for the importance of supporting principal leadership.
Here is how you can help us continue to advocate:
  • If you are a principal or assistant principal complete this short survey to provide us with data, information, and anecdotes on the narrowing pay gap, your workload, and your stress level. We'll use this data to fight for principals across the state.
  • Contact your legislators and your situations - tell your unique stories.
  • Contact us for help with strike preparation, recovery, or additional resources.
We know great things are happening in our schools each day thanks to your leadership. Make sure you practice self-care during these challenging times and take pride in knowing your work matters to all students. 

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