AWSP News for November 7, 2018

David Morrill
Nov 07, 2018

In this episode of AWSP News, we discuss:

  • our recent AWSP TV episode with former Governor Christine Gregoire about leadership and the role of the principal,
  • how our Political Action Committee supports the candidates who support you and your students,
  • our upcoming professional learning opportunities and Title II funding,
  • a workshop to help you improve your public speaking,
  • American Education Week,
  • some great resources on the ASCD website,
  • Ballard High School principal Keven Wynkoop’s Principal of the Year Award from the Washington Library Association,
  • a student leadership question from Ryan Block for our #AskAWSP segment,
  • the US Senate Youth Scholarship and how to get your students eligible,
  • and a great podcast for some health and nutrition tips.

Prefer to read the news? Read our script.

  • AWSP News
  • AWSP News

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