Black and Brown Faces in America's Wild Places

Marty Fortin
Dec 23, 2018

I heard this speaker several years ago. Nice message that all students need multiple outdoor experiences. 

The Black & Brown Faces In America's Wild Places: African Americans Making Nature And The Environment A Part Of Their Everyday Lives (Watchable Wildlife (Adventure Publications))

by Dudley Edmondson

Dudley Edmondson, an African American wildlife photographer, believes it is critical for people of color to get involved in nature conservation. He sought out 20 other African Americans with deep connections to nature and asked them about their personal experiences, how they came to value nature and why African Americans seem under-represented in our parks and conservation efforts. The result is a compelling look at the issues that are so important to the future of our public lands. These personal profiles are not only interesting but provide insight into the past, present and future practices for our environment.

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