AWSP TV - HB 1599 and Changing Graduation Requirements

David Morrill
Jun 19, 2019

Passed this session, HB 1599 transforms the assessment expectations for graduation and how students can approach fulfilling requirements for earning a diploma. We know principals and districts are clamoring for more information, so we partnered with OPSI and the SBE to bring you two great AWSP TV episodes. First up is OSPI's Deputy Superintendent Dr. Michaela Miller (our returning champion). 

Thanks to Dr. Miller for all the great information and discussion. Be sure to check out OSPI's webpage for their HB 1599 resources. 
Next up, we have a quick follow-up episode with the Linda Drake, the State Board of Education's Director of Career and College Readiness Initiatives. She talks about the State Board's role in rulemaking for graduation pathways and how principals can give their feedback. 

The State Board put together a nice three page explainer for some of the changes brought about by the new legislation. 

We'll be back with more information, and more in-depth information, throughout the summer and the fall. In the meantime, these two episodes and web pages should provide some great information and resources in the interim. 

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