OSPI School Safety Tips for November

Mike Donlin | OSPI School Safety Center
Nov 01, 2019

November is a month of thanks. As we head toward the holiday season, a big thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s National Bullying Prevention month. Also, thank you to all who dropped, covered and held on for the Great ShakeOut on October 17th. Each of these activities help ensure that all our students and staff are safer at school.

1. Great ShakeOut Video Winners

Speaking of the Great ShakeOut, kudos to the 2019 ShakeOut Youth Video Contest winners!

1st Place Middle School, $500: Ryan Song, Auburn, Buena Vista Adventist School

2nd Place Middle School, $250: Eric Lind, Aberdeen, Miller Junior High

1st Place High School, $500: Samantha Robinson, Montesano, home schooled.

2nd Place High School, $250: Casey Rogers (and friends), Coupeville, Coupeville High School.

2. Evan

“Evan” is another powerful video. If you have not yet seen this video from the Sandy Hook Promise, please watch and share. Staff will find this very useful as a conversation starter with students. This is probably more for secondary than elementary students, but all staff will find it discussion-worthy.

3. HIB Policy Revisions

The newly revised HIB policy and procedures are now available on the WSSDA Featured Policies page. The revisions were called for in SB 5689. Please note that the HIB RCW number has changed; it’s now RCW 28A.600.477. And remember, there is a January 2020 board adoption deadline for districts to update to the new policy and procedure. In the meantime, our youth have done some great work on bullying prevention. Check out this story on the Seattle girls to be featured on the ‘Today Show’ for creating anti-bullying video game.

4. Hazing

Hazing is an activity which has been called out for inclusion in HIB trainings as we move forward. Here are a couple of great starter resources, particularly for secondary schools:

5. Reunification Planning

Reunification Planning is a component of a comprehensive school safety plan. HB 1216 reminds us to be sure to have reunification plans in place. Here are some resources you might want to take a look at the Reunification link on our Safety Center web page.

6. Go Kits

We’ve had some wild weather lately! Time to make sure that we all have Go Kits in place. They can be especially useful sheltering situations! Be sure that all your buses are winter-ready, and that your family notifications systems are in place.

Thank you again for all you do to keep our students and staff safe!

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