Virtual Educator Overnight

Mrs. Allison Shew, Principal, Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy
Apr 15, 2020
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Everyone has gone above and beyond to implement this new normal. Principals and district office staff have converted space in their home as their new office and teachers have transformed a space in their home as their new classroom.

Teachers had to reinvent themselves to become distance learning educators overnight. This is no easy task and has been time-consuming for them. We are proud of all the teachers within the district for being creative in their efforts to reach students and try new technology. Across the district, teachers are using a variety of platforms to connect with their students remotely to include: streaming live on Facebook, YouTube videos, Google Classroom, Seesaw, phone calls, text messages and emails to name a few. 

District-wide, homeroom teachers are sending a weekly email to students and parents on their roster every Monday with their expectations for the week. Additionally, they are responsible for taking weekly attendance that is based on two-way communication made throughout the week. Teachers have virtual office hours for parents and students. They can also be reached with a virtual phone number that enables them to receive calls and text messages directly on their computer or cell phone.

We and our students are living in history at this moment. This is a once in a lifetime event that we have encouraged our students to capture.  Many students are journaling their experiences and expressing their feelings in a personal journal that they may choose to share with their own children one day. Kimmy Wiese (parent of two students who attend Columbia Crest) stated, “I’ve had my children journal since Monday, March 16th, 2020. We thought it was the most important writing they could be doing right now!”

Lastly, we have to recognize the strength and courageous leadership of our superintendent, Krestin Bahr.  She is leading us through this journey, keeping us positive and on the right track. 

Photo of Allison ShewAllison Shew is the principal at Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy in the Eatonville School District.  

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