Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Greg Barker
May 04, 2020
teacher appreciation week


This week is Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week! And while it is always important to recognize how much staff matter,  this year is especially significant. Many staff worked around the clock to move online and to support their students while schools are closed.

Social distancing can make it tough to show staff how much you care, but there are still plenty of options. From e-cards or thank-you videos to classroom goodies or decorations, we’ve compiled a list of many ways you can celebrate Staff Appreciation Week at a distance, plus some other links to help in the process.

  • Writing notes and snail mail to the staff 

  • Mailing thank you cards 

  • Students send in pictures, poems, and decorations to create yard signs for staff 

  • Porch deliveries 

  • Notes for teachers (virtual postcards) 

  • Flowers/Plants 

    • Support your local HS FFA/Horticulture Program if they holding a plant sale. Purchase a flat or two and drop off to staff members 

  • E-cards with gift card 

  • Virtual gift cards 

  • Shout outs in the Weekly Bulletin to families

  • Virtual 1:1 check-in meetings 

  • Online meets with staff and students 

  • You’ve Been Mugged with the coffee cups 

  • Each morning sending a staff greeting, no weekly email 

  • Virtual spirit weeks 

  • Videos of staff 

  • Virtual lunches and breakfast for Staff Appreciation Week (invite them to share a meal)

  • Miss you pictures 

  • Having students send in pictures showing signs to staff showing appreciation 

  • Virtual awards 

  • Videos of signs holding up pictures 

  • Flipgrid for messages and shout outs 

  • Parents to send in emails or letters to staff 

  • Text your team uplifting messages 

  • Collages 

  • Video and Picture 

  • Prizes and challenges 

  • Calling staff to check on them with 2-3 phone calls a day to staff for shoutout 

  • Check-in buddies for all staff 

  • Self-care bingo 

  • Staff happy hour (virtual) 

  • Drop photos into online photo service with a nice thank you

Here are some other links for ideas too:

And check out AWSL's 2020 resource page for other resources for schools.

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