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Criterion 1: Creating a Culture

Element 1.1

  Develops and sustains focus on a shared mission and clear vision for improvement of learning and teaching.


Books and Research

 Visual Leaders: New Tools for
Visioning, Management, and
Organization Change
 David Sibbet   Book
 Transforming School Culture: 
How to Overcome Staff Division
 Anthony Muhammad  
 Leading with Vision  Larry Lashway
 Leaders of Learning: How District, 
School and Classroom Leaders 
Improve Student Achievement
 Richard DuFour  Book
Overcoming the Barriers to 
Educational Innovation
 Kieron Kirkland & San Sutch
 Thinking Space: A Workshop to 
Support Visioning of Learning Spaces 
for the Future
 FutureLab   PDF
 Vision, Leadership and Change  SEDL   Article
 Change Leadership: A Practical
Guide to Transforming Our Schools
 Wagner & Kegan   Book
 "Stewardship of a Vision"  Diana Williams & Essie Richardson  Book Chapter
 "Developing a Vision and a Mission"   John Gabriel and Paul Farmer   Book Chapter
 Opportunity by Design: New High
School Models for Student Success 
 Leah Hamilton & Anne Mackinnon  PDF
 Thinking Space: A Workshop to
Support Visioning of Learning
Spaces for the Future
 FutureLab   PDF
 33 Educational Design Principles
Schools and Community
Learning Centers
 Jeffrey A. Lackney  Web Resource
 Student Work in a Redesigned School  High Tech High  Web Resource
 Re-imagining School
 TED Talks  Video
 School Mission Statements: Where
is Your School Going?
 Education World  Web Resource
 Promote a Common Vision of
Effective Teaching in Your School
 The New Teacher Project  Web Resource
Innovative School Models   Kentucky Department of Education  Web Resource
 Exemplars of Design Principles
of Innovation
 Kentucky Department of Education  Web Resource

Element 1.2

  Engages in essential learning conversations for ongoing improvement.


 Books and Research
 The Learning Leader: Reflecting, 
Modeling and Sharing
Jacqueline Jacobs & Kevin O'Gorman
 Talk About Teaching  Charlotte Danielson
 Leading Instructional Rounds in
A Facilitator's Guide
Thomas Fowler-Finn   Book
 Instructional Coaches and the 
Instructional Leadership Team: 
A Guide for School-building 
 Dean Spaulding & Gail Smith  Book
 Implementing Change Through 
Learning: Concerns-based
Concepts, Tools and Strategies
for Guiding Change
 Shirley Hord & James Roussin  Book
 Fierce Conversations: Achieving 
at Work & in Life, One
Conversation at a Time
 Susan Scott
 Creating a Positive School Culture Beaudoin & Taylor    Book
 Bringing Out the Best in Teachers:
What Effective Principals Do
 Joseph Blasé & Peggy Kirby   Book
 Strengthening the Heartbeat:
Leading and Learning Together
in Schools
 Thomas J. Sergiovanni  e-Book
 Using Rounds to Enhance Teacher
Interaction and Self-Reflection:
The Marzano Observational Protocol
 Marzano Research Laboratory  PDF
 The Principal's Role in Supporting
Teacher Leadership and Building
Capacity: Teacher and Administrator
 Kelly Burke Y Margaret Basom   PDF
 Supporting Teachers' Ability to Teach
in Stressful Times: Tips for
Administrators and Teachers
 National Association of School Psychologists  PDF
 Rethinking Teacher Evaluation in
Chicago: Lessons Learned from
Classroom Observations,
Principal-Teacher Conferences, 
and District Implementation
Laurel Sartain et al.     PDF
 Learning Conversations in Learning
Networks: Transferring Knowledge,
Creating Solutions, Learning Together
 National College for School Leadership  PDF
 Key Issue: Enhancing Teacher
 National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality  PDF
 Building Trusting Relationships for
School Improvement: Implications
for Principals and Teachers
Cori Brewster & Jennifer Railsback     PDF
 Teacher Talent Toolbox: Observation 
and Feedback
 The New Teacher Project  Web Resource
 How Administrators Can Empower
 Gardner-Webb University
 Web Resource
 Transforming School Culture: 
Understanding and Overcoming 
Resistance to Necessary Change
 Anthony Muhammed
 How Administrators Can 
Empower Teachers
  Gardner-Webb University   Web Resource
 How Does Your School's Culture 
Impact Student Performance
 John Nori and Patti Kinney   Webinar

Element 1.3

  Facilitates collaborative processes leading toward continuous improvement.

Books and Research

 The Six Secrets of Change  Michael Fullan

 Shaping School Culture  Deal & Peterson   Book
 Revisiting Professional Learning
Communities at Work: New Insights
for Improving Schools
 DuFour, Eaker & DuFour
 Results Now  Mike Schmoker
 Visual Teams: Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation and High Performance  David Sibbet
 Building an Intentional School Culture  Charles F. Elbot & David Vance Fulton
 Learning by Doing  DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, & Many
 The Handbook for SMART School Teams  Anne Conzeminus & Jan O'Neill
 The Adaptive School: A Sourcebook
for Developing Collaborative Groups
 Robert Garmston & Bruce Wellman
 Leverage Leadership  Paul Bambrick-Santoyo  Book w/ DVD

Element 1.4

  Creates opportunities for shared leadership.

 Books and Research
 Professional Captial: Transforming
Teaching in Every School
 Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan
 Shaping School Culture  Deal & Peterson  Book
 The School Principal as Leader:
Getting Schools to Better Teaching
and Learning
 The Wallace Foundation  Research
 Code of Conduct   Education Week  Online Journal
 Transforming School Culture  Anthony Muhammad
 Leadership Strategies for Principals Set  ASCD  Multimedia/DVD
 Dialogue: An Introduction  Robert Garmston
 What Works at Schools  Robert Marzano
 NSRF Data Protocols  National School Reform Faculty
Harmony Education Center
 Thinking Collaborative Seminars  Center for Cognitive Coaching
 Professional Development
 School Culture Solutions
 Bethnue Institute
 Professional Development
 PD Online  ASCD  Professional Development
 Leadership Through Empowerment   Ray McNulty  Webinar