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Criterion 2: Ensuring School Safety


Element 2.1

  Provides for Physical Safety.

Resource  Author 
 Books and Research
 Safe Kids School Safety  Dana Meachen Rau  Book
 Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning  Kenneth S. Trump
 Preventing Bullying in Schools   Chris Lee  Book
 Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems  Mark Boynton & Christine Boynton
 Leadership Strategies for Safe Schools  Elizabeth Barton  Book
 Handbook of School Violence and School Safety  
Shane R. Jimerson & Michael J. Furlong
 School Safety Center  OSPI  Web Resource
 School Safety Resources  National School Safety Center  Web Resource
 School Safety and Crisis Resources  National Association of School Psychologists  Web Resource
 PREPARE: School Crisis Prevention
and Intervention Training Curriculum
 National Association of School Psychologists  Professional Development

Element 2.2

  Provides for social, emotional and intellectual safety.

Books and Research
Transforming School Climate and
Learning: Beyond Bullying and
William K. Preble & Rick M. Gordon
Resiliency: What We Have Learned
Bonnie Bernard
Making Your School Safe: Strategies to Protect Children and Promote Learning
John Devine & Jonathan Cohen
Discipline with Dignity, New Challenges, New Solutions
Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler & Brian D. Mendler
Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
Jane Bluestein