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Criterion 3: Planning with Data

Element 3.1

  Recognizes and seeks out multiple data sources.

Resource Author  Format 

 Using Data to Improve Student Learning
in Middle Schools
 Education for the Future, Victoria Bernhardt  Professional Development
 Using Data to Improve Student Learning
in Middle Schools
 Victoria Bernhardt   Book w/ CD
 Drivin by Data: A Practical Guide to
Improve Instruction
  Paul Bambrick-Santoyo  Book w/ CD
Forms and Surveys     
 Educational Effectiveness Surveys  Center for Educational Effectiveness,
Susan Mills

Element 3.2

  Analyzes and interprets multiple data sources to inform school-level improvement efforts.
Author  Format 
 Books and Research    
 Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap  Ruth S. Johnson  Book
 Statistics Made Simple for School
Leaders: Data Driven Decision-Making
Susan Carroll & David Carroll
 Putting Faces on the Data: What
Great Leaders Do
Lyn Sharratt & Michael Fullan

 Leading with Data: Pathways to
Improve Your School
 Ellen Goldring & Mark Berends  Book
 Getting Excited About Data  Edie Holcomb
 Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap Essential Lessons for School Leaders  Ray Garcia
 Closing the Achievement Gap  Yvonne S. Feeman & David E. Freeman
w/ Sandra Mercuri
 Closing the Achievement Gap: A Vision
for Changing Beliefs and Practices
 Belinda Williams
 Data-Based Decision Making  Edie Holcomb  Book
 The Data Coach's Guide Nancy Love
 Book w/ CD
Using Data Effectively  Success at the Core  Professional Development

Element 3.3

  Implements data-driven plans for improved teaching and learning.
Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research    
 Making Sense of ALL Your Data  Mary Ann Lachat et al. 
Principal Leadership 
October 2006
 Data-Based Decision Making   Anastasia Skalski & Montina Romero. Principal Leadership
January 2011
 Using Data to Make Better Educational Decisions  Philip Streifer
 The Principal as Data-Driven Leader  Ontario Principals' Council  Book
 The Education of English Language Learners
 Maryilyn Shatz & Louise C. Wilkinson  Book
 School Improvement for the Next Generation  Stephen White & Raymond Smith  Book
 I Have the Data...Now What?  Betsy Moore  Book
 Breaking Ranks: The Comprehensive 
Framework for School Improvement
 National Association for Secondary
School Principals
 Using Data to Inform Practice: Effective 
Principal Leadership Strategies
 Jeffrey Wayman et al.  PDF
 District Data Team Toolkit  Massachusetts Department of Education  PDF
 Putting Data Wise Into Action  Harvard Education Press  Website
 Leading Success: Using Data to
Access and Inform School Change
 College Board & NASSP Professional Development 
 Data Use Toolkit  Early College Designs  Website

Element 3.4

  Assists staff to use data to guide, modify and improve classroom teaching and learning.
Resource   Author  Format
Books and Research
 Using Data to Focus Instructional Improvement  Ward, Fisher, Frey & Lapp  Book
 Building Shared Responsibility for Student Learning  Conzeminus & O'Neill  Book
 Balanced Assessment: Improving Student Achievement  ASCD Multimedia/DVD
 NSRF Data Protocols  National School Reform Faculty
Harmony Education Center
 Web Resource
 Using Data Effectively  TERC  Professional Development

Element 3.5

  Provides evidence of student growth that results from the school improvement planning process.
 Resource  Author  Format
 Books and Research