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Criterion 4: Aligning Curriculum

Element 4.1

  Alignment of curricula to state and local district learning goals.

Resource  Author  Format 

Books and Research

 Unwrapping the Standards  Ainsworth Book 
 Rigorous Curriculum Design:
How to Create Curricular Units
of Study that Align Standards,
Instruction and Assessment
 Ainsworth Book 
 Mapping Comprehensive Units to
the ELA Common Core Standards 6-12
 Kathy Tuchman Glass Book 
 Formative Assessment and
Standards-Based Grading
 Marzano Book 
 Common Core State Standards Workbook  Book 
 Aligning IEPs to the Common Core
State Standards for Students with
Moderate and Severe Disabilities
Diane M. Browder & Ginevra Courtade Book
 Aligning Your Curriculum to the
Common Core State Standards
Joe Crawford  Book
NEA Common Core Standards Toolkit  National Education Association   Web resource
An Introduction to Mapping to the Core  Heidi Hays Jacobs   Webinar

Element 4.2

  Alignment of best instructional practices to state and district learning goals.
Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
Teach Like a Champion  Douglas Lemov  Book 
Create Standards-Based Integrated Curriculum  Susan M. Drake  Book 
Choice Words  Peter Johnston  Book 
Assignments Matter: Making
Connections that Help
Students Meet Standards
Dougherty  Book
Maryland's 7 Best Practices - Aligned!  Maryland Public Schools  PowerPoint 

Element 4.3

  Alignment of assessment practices to best instructional practices.
Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
Instructional Sensitivity of Tests:
Accountability's Dire Drawback
James Popham. Phi Delta Kappan
October 2007 
Embedded Formative Assessment  Dylan Williams  Book 
Common Formative Assessment:
A Toolkit for Professional Learning
Communities at Work
Kim Bailey & Chris Jakcic  Book 
95 Strategies for Remodeling Instruction  Pinto, Spares & Driscoll  Book 
Envisioning a State Educational System: 
Improving Learning Through a
Comprehensive Assessment System
Joseph Ryan  PDF 
Toxic Grading Practices  Douglas Reeves  Video 
Assessment: Wormeli  Rick Wormeli  Video