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Criterion 5: Improving Instruction

Element 5.1

  Monitors instruction and assessment practices.

Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research

Using Classroom Walkthroughs to
Improve Instruction
Nancy Protheroe. Principal, March-April 2009  Article 
Reducing Error in Teacher Observation Scores  Robert Marzano, Educational Leadership, Nov. 2012  Article 
Observing Classroom Practice  Charlotte Danielson, Educational
, Nov. 2012 
The Transparent Teacher: Taking
Charge of Your Instruction with
Peer-Collected Classroom Data

Trent Kaufman & Emily Grimm
Reflective Analysis of Student Work: 
Improving Teaching Through Collaboration
Noreen Belle 
Protocols for Professional Learning  Lois Brown 
Monitoring: Keeping Your Finger on the
Pulse of School Improvement 
Peggy Hinckley 
 How to Create and Use Rubrics for
Formative Assessment and Grading
Susan M. Brookhart 
 From Standards to Rubrics in Six
Steps: Tools for Assessing Student
Learning; 3rd edition
Kay Burke 
 Differentiated Assessment: How to
Assess the Learning Potential of
Every Student (Grades 6-12)
Evangeline Harris Stefanakis &
Deborah Meier 

 Creating and Recognizing Quality Rubrics Judith Arter  & Jan Chappuis 
 A Practitioner's Guide to Conducting 
Classroom Observations: What the
Research Tells Us about Choosing
and Using Observational Systems
Stuhlman et al; W.T. Grant Foundation  Report 
 Creating and Recognizing Quality
Rubrics: A Study Guide from
Pearson Assessment Training Institute
Judith Arter  PDF 
Collaborative Analysis of Student Work:
Improving Teaching and Learning
Langer, Bernstein-Colton & Goff   Book 
Data Wise: Revised and Expanded
Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide to
Using Assessment Results to
Improve Teaching and Learning
Edited by Boudett, City & Murnane   Book 
Walkthroughs, Rubrics and
Teacher Evaluation—Do They
Improve Teaching?
Jon Saphier  PDF 
 Student Connection Survey American Institutes for Research  PDF 
Pocket Guide to Probing Questions  National School Reform Faculty  PDF 
 Principal Walk-Throughs: A Tool for
Alaska Instructional Leaders
Alaska Dept. of Education & Early Development  PDF 
Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges
and Strategies for Success
WestEd  PDF 
Essential Voices: Including Student
and Parent Input in Teacher Evaluation
Advocates for Children of New York  PDF 
Ensuring Accurate Feedback from
Measures of Effective Teaching Project  PDF 
Sample Template for Conducting
Analysis of Student Work
Fresno Public Schools  Template 
Tools for Assessing Instruction  Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (American Institutes for Research)
Web Resource 
Sample Student Survey (Middle Grades)   Rochester MI Public Schools  Web Resource 
Sample Student Survey (Grades 6-12)  Colorado Legacy Foundation  Web Resource
Sample Student Survey (Grades 3-5)   Colorado Legacy Foundation  Web Resource 
RubiStar  ALTEC Univiersity of Kansas  Web Resource 
Resources for Educational
Technology Evaluation
Sun Associates  Web Resource 
Planning for Change and Technology   National School Board Association  Web Resource 
Looking at Student Work   Looking at Student Work
Web Resource 
Library Resources for Classroom-based
Washington Library Media Association  Web Resource 
International Society for Technology
in Education  
ISTE  Web Resource 
Classroom Based Assessments   OSPI  Web Resource 
Alternative Assessment Resources  National Alternative Assessment Center  Web Resource
(Active Learning Practice for Schools)  
National Alternative Assessment Center  Web Resource 
Lesson Study  Education Northwest  Professional Development 
Asking Students about Teaching:
Student Perception Surveys and
Their Implementation
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Project Zero 
Professional Development 

Element 5.2

  Assists staff in developing required student growth plan and identifying valid, reliable sources of evidence of effectiveness.
Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
The Lowdown on Learning Progressions  James Popham. Educational Leadership.
April 2007 
Knowing Your Learning Target  Moss, Brookhart & Long. 
Educational Leadership. March 2011 
The Understanding by Design Guide to
Advanced Concepts in Creating and
Reviewing Units
Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe  Book 
The Power of SMART Goals  Jan o'Neill & Anne Conzemius  Book 
Student Achievement Goal Setting: 
Using Data to Improve Teaching
and Learning
James Stronge & Leslie Grant  Book 
Learning Targets: Helping Students 
Aim for Understanding in Today's Lesson
Connie Moss & Susan Brookhart  Book 
Understanding Formative Assessment:
Insights from Learning Theory and
Measurement Theory
Elise Trumbull & Andrea Lash  PDF 
Selecting Student Growth Measures:
A Guide for Education Leaders 
Battelle for Kids  PDF 
The Role of Learning Progressions in Standards-Based Education Reform  Frederic Mosher, Consortium for
Policy Research in Education. 
Understanding How Teachers Use Student Assessment Data   REL West  PDF 
Designing and Teaching Learning Goals
and Objectives 
Marzano Research Laboratory  Book 
Sample School Improvement Plan
Focused on Student Growth 
Ellen Fairclough Public School  PDF 
Making Sense of the Metrics:
Student Growth, Value-added Models, 
and Teacher Effectiveness
Pearson Assessment. 
Bulletin, April 2011 
Formative Instructional Practices - 
Focus: Collective  Evidence of 
Student Learning
Battell for Kids. 2012  PDF 
Formative Instructional Practices - 
Focus: Clear Learning Targets
Battell for Kids. 2012  PDF 
Formative Assessment: Examples
of Practice
Council of Chief State School Officers  PDF 
Defining Student Voice  Washington Pro Teach  PDF 
Providing Feedback  New Mexico Public Education Department  Web Resource 
Monitoring Student Progress   Maryland Department of Education Web Resource 
Web-based Resource Tool for
OSPI  Web Resource 
Teacher Talent Toolbox - Using Student Growth Measures   The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Student Learning Objectives  Ohio Department of Education  Web Resource 
Student Growth Percentiles  OSPI  Web Resource 
Student Growth Measures   Read Tenneesee  Web Resource 
Learning Goals and Success Criteria   EduGains
Web Resource 
Formative Instructional Practices (FIP)  Battelle for Kids  Web Resource 
Formative Instruction Rubrics  Jefferson County Schools (TN)  Web Resource 
Sample Student Growth Plan   Bainbridge Island School District
Sample Student Growth Plan   New Mexico Public Education Dept.   Form 
Performance Task Design  Education Northwest  Professional Development 

Element 5.3

  Assists staff in implementing effective instruction and assessment practices.
Resource  Author  Format
Books and Research     
What It Takes to be an
Instructional Leader
Billy Jenkins. Principal.
January-February 2009 
How Do Principals Really
Improve Schools?
DuFour & Mattos. 
Educational Leadership. April 2013 
A New View of Walk-Throughs   Moss & Bookhart. Educational Leadership
April 2013 
A Bumpy Road: Principal as
Technology Leader
Gosmire & Grady. Principal Leadership.
February 2007 
7 Habits of Highly Effective
Tech-Leading Principals  
Jennifer Demski. THE Journal. 
June 2012. 
The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can
Use Design to Transform Teaching  &
Abrams  Book 
Leading Through Quality Questioning:
Creating Capacity, Commitment, and Community
Jackie Walsh & Beth Sattes  Book 
Effective Supervision: Supporting the
and Science of Teaching 
Marzano, Frontier & Livingston  Book 
The Learning Leader: How to Focus
School Improvement for Better Results
Douglas Reeves  Book 
Digital Connections in the Classroom  David Marcovitz  Book 
The Differentiated School: Making
Revolutionary Changes in Teaching
and Learning
Tomlinson, Narvaez & Bimijoin  Book 
Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations   Cheliotes & Reilly  Book 
Leading for Instructional Improvement:
How Successful Leaders Develop
Teaching and Learning Expertise
Fink & Markholt  Book 
Improving Student Learning One
Teacher at a Time
Jane Pollock  Book 
Focus: Elevating the Essentials to
Radically Improve Student Learning
Mike Schmoker  Book 
The School Principal as Leader:
Guiding Schools to better
Teaching and Learning
Wallace Foundation  PDF 
Using Flexible Technology to Meet
the Needs of Diverse Learners:
What Teachers Can Do
Lisa Wahl & Julie Duffield. WestEd.  PDF 
Strategies for Student Engagement:
A Toolkit to Implement Quality
Learning in Colorado 
Colorado Department of Education  PDF 
Secondary Student Engagement Survey  Fort Worth Independent School District  PDF 
Organizing Instruction and Study
to Improve Student Learning  
Institute of Education Sciences  PDF 
National Framework for Mentoring
and Coaching
Center for the Use of Research & 
Evidence in Education  
Mobile Devises for Learning: What
You Need to Know
Edutopia  PDF 
Learning from Leadership: Investigating 
the Links to Improved Student Learning
Karen Seashore Louis et al.  PDF 
Leading Coaching in Schools  National College for Teaching 
and Leadership 
Instructional Coaching   Annenberg Institute of School Reform  PDF 
Feedback for Better Teaching: Nine
Principles for Using Measures of
Effective Teaching 
MET Project. 2013  PDF 
Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges
and Strategies for Success
WestEd  PDF 
Elementary Student Engagement Survey  Fort Worth Independent School District  PDF 
Design Thinking Toolkit   IDEO
Coaching for School Improvement: 
A Guide for Coaches and Their
Karen Laba. 
Center on Innovation and Improvement 
Changing Teacher Beliefs and
Instructional Practices
Center for Educational Leadership  PDF 
Building Professional Development
to Support New Student Assessment Systems
Stephanie Hirsch
Learning Forward 2011 
Leadership Development Modules  Success at the Core  Web Resource 
ISTE Website  International Society for Technology in Education  Web Resource
Making Learning Visible  Project Zero, Harvard University  Web Resource 
Teacher Talent Toolbox: Peer Culture
and Collaboration
The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Teacher Talent Toolbox: Observation
and Feedback
The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Project-Based Learning Website   Buck Institute of School Reform  Web Resource 
Peer Observation   Annenberg Institute of School Reform  Web Resource 
Lesson Study Research Group   Teachers College  Web Resource 
Lesson Study Group at Mills College   Mills College   Web Resource 
ISTE Website  International Society for technology in Education  Web Resource 
Core Knowledge Resources  Core Knowledge  Web Resource 
Common Core in Washington  OSPI  Web Resource
Cultivating Teacher Effectiveness
Through Reflection, Coaching,
and Evaluation 
Solution Tree  Webinar 

Element 5.4

  Reliably and validly evaluates staff in effective instruction and assessment practices. 
Resource  Author  Format
Books and Research     
The Potential of Peer Review  Susan Moore Johnson & Sarah Fiarman.
Educational Leadership. November 2012 
Observing Classroom Practice  Charlotte Danielson. Educational Leadership.
November 2012
Fine-tuning Teacher Evaluation  Kim Marshall. Educational Leadership.
November 2012 
Effective Evaluation   Michelle Oliva et al. Principal Leadership.
March 2009 
Write Year-End Teacher Improvement 
Plans Right Now!! The Principal's Time-Saving Reference Guide 2nd ed. 
Barker & Searchwell  Book 
Working With and Evaluating Difficult 
School Employees
John Eller & Sheila Eller  Book 
Supervision That Improves Teaching
and Learning: Strategies and Techniques 
4th Edition
Susan Sullivan & Jeffrey Glanz  Book 
Rethinking Teacher Supervision and
Evaluation: How to Work Smart,
Build Collaboration, and Close the
Achievement Gap, 2nd Edition  
Kim Marshall  Book 
Learning-Focused Supervision:
Developing Professional Expertise
in Standards-Driven Systems
Laura Lipton & Bruce Wellman  Book 
Teacher Assessment and Evaluation:
The National Education Association's
Framework for Transforming Education
Systems to Support Effective Teaching
and Improve Student Learning  
National Education Association  PDF 
Rethinking Teacher Evaluation in Chicago: 
Lessons Learned from Classroom
Observations, Principal-Teacher
Conferences, and District
Lauren Sartain et al.  PDF 
Measuring Teacher and Leader
Performance: Cross-Sector Lessons
for Excellent Evaluations
Public Impact; Julie Kowal and Emily
Ayscue Hassel 
Measuring and Promoting Inter-Rater
Agreement of Teacher and Principal
Performance Ratings
Matthew Graham et al.  PDF 
Generating Teaching Effectiveness:
The Role of Job-Embedded Professional
Learning in Teacher Evaluation
National Comprehensive Center for
Teacher Quality 
Building Professional Development
to Support New Student Assessment Systems
Stephaine Hirsch  PDF 
A Practical Guide for Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness   National Comprehensive Center for
Teacher Quality 
TPEP Resources  Washington State Teacher/Principal
Evaluation Project 
Web Resource 
The Human Dynamics of
Personnel Evaluation
Mary Jo McGrath  Web Resource 
Teacher Perspectives on 
Performance Evaluation
Teach Plus   Web Resource 
TPEP Training  Washington State Teacher/Principal 
Evaluation Project 
Professional Development 
Webinars on Marzano Framework  Learning Sciences International  Professional Development 
Training/Support for Marzano Framework  Learning Sciences International  Professional Development 
Training/Support for 5 Dimensions Framework  Center for Educational Leadership  Professional Development 
Teachscape Focus: Training/Support for
Danielson Framework
Teachscape  Professional Development 
5D+ Teacher Evaluation - Rater
Reliability Training
Center for Educational Leadership  Professional Development 
Implementation of 5 Dimensions Evaluation
Center for Educational Leadership  Webinar

Element 5.5

  Provide evidence of student growth of selected teachers. 


Student growth rubric elements are designed to focus on actual student achievement, rather than principal actions. Resources listed within the other elements of this criterion support actions increasing the likelihood of evidence of student growth.