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Criterion 6: Managing Resources

Element 6.1

  Manages human resources (assignment and hiring).

Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
Using a Group Process in Teacher Hiring  Thomas Kersten. School Administrator.
September 2010 
The Impact of Induction and
Mentoring Programs for Beginning
Teachers: A Critical Review of
the Research
Richard Ingersol & M. Strong.
Review of Educational Research. 81:2
June 2011  
Retaining Teachers of Color: A 
Pressing Problem and a
Potential Strategy for
'Hard-to-Staff' Schools
Betty Achinstein, et al. Review of Educational Research. 80:1, 2010  Article 
Rebuild It and They Will Come  Elena Silver. Educational Leadership.
May 2010 
Principals: Human Capital Managers
at Every School
Stephen M. Kimball. Phi Delta Kappan.
April 2011 
Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process   Autumn Tooms & Alicia Crowe. Principal
November/December 2004  
Hiring for Attitude  Dawn Huckaby. School Administrator.
August 2012 
Why Great Teachers Quit and
How We Might Stop the Exodus
Katy Farber  Book 
Induction Program Standards  New Teacher Center  Book 
Strategic Management of Human
Capital in Education: Improving
Instructional Practice and Student
Learning in Schools
Allan R. Odden  Book 
Recruiting and Retaining Generation Y
Ronald W. Reborne & 
Angela L.E. Walmsley 
Minority Teacher Recruitment and
Retention Strategies  
Janet E. Kearney-Gissendaner  Book 
Induction Program Standards   New Teacher Center  Book 
Human Resources Administration:
A School Based Perspective
Richard Smith  Book 
Effective Teacher Hiring: A Guide to
Getting the Best 
Kenneth Peterson  Book 
Leap Year: Assessing and
Supporting Effective First
Year Teachers  
The New Teacher Project  Report
The Irreplaceables: Understanding
the Real Retention Crisis in
America's Urban Schools
The New Teacher Project  PDF 
Teacher Induction Program Success
and Sustainability  
New Teacher Center 
Supporting and Staffing High-Needs
Schools: Recommendations from Washington's National Board of
Certified Teachers
Bernett Berry & Melissa Rasbury.   PDF 
Structured Interviews: A Practical Guide   United States Office of Personnel Management  PDF 
Strategic Staffing for Successful
Schools: Breaking the Cycle of
Failure in Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Jonathan Travers & Barbara Christiansen  PDF 
Recruitment, Retention and the Minority Teacher Shortage   Richard Ingersoll & Henry May  PDF 
Meeting the Challenge: Recruiting
and Retaining Teachers in Hart-to-Staff Schools
American Federation of Teachers  PDF 
Leading Gen Y Teachers: Emerging Strategies for School Leaders  Ellen Behrstock & Matthew Clifford  PDF 
Key Issue: Teacher Hiring, Placement
and Assignment Practices
National Comprehensive Center
for Teacher Quality (AIR) 
Key Issue: Recruiting Teachers for
Urban and Rural Schools
National Comprehensive Center
for Teacher Quality (AIR) 
Increasing Teacher Diversity: Strategies
to Improve the Teacher Workforce
Saba Bireda & Robin Chait   PDF 
How to Recruit and Retain Teachers 
and Other School Leaders in 
Hard-to-Staff Rural and Small School Districts
SERVE Center at University of
North Carolina at Greensboro  
How Leaders Invest Staffing Resources
for Learning Improvement
Marge Plecki et al. Center for the 
Study of Teaching and Policy 
Hiring, Job Satisfaction, and the Fit
Between New Teachers and Their Schools
Edward Liu  PDF 
Face to Face Interviews   Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services   PDF 
Eight Questions on Teacher Recruitment
and Retention: What Does the Research Say?
Michael B. Allen  PDF 
Effective Support for New Teachers in Washington State  Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession  PDF 
Early Career Performance Expectations  Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession   PDF 
Best Practices in Minority Teacher Recruitment: A Literature Review   Connecticut RESC Alliance  PDF 
Ahead of the Class: A Handbook for Preparing Teachers from New Sources  Beatriz Chu Clewell & 
Ann María Villegas  
A Guide to Interviewing and Reference Checking  Vermont Department of 
Human Resources 
Best Practices for Hiring Quality
School Administrators of Iowa  PowerPoint 
Assist Beginning Teachers  Michigan State  Web Resource 
The Role of the Professional School Counselor   American School Counselor Association  Web Resource 
Teacher Talent Toolbox  The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Beginning Teacher Classroom
New Teacher Center  Video 
Structured Reference Checking   Public Service Commission of Canada  Web Resource 
Out of Endorsement Assignment
and Assignment Waivers
Professional Educators Standards Board  Web Resource 
A Tool for Administrators to Design
Effective Support Services
Professional Educators Standards Board  Web Resource 
Training & Consultation     
Teacher Induction Consultation  New Teacher Center  Consultation Service 
A System Approach to Building a
World-Class Teaching Profession: 
The Role of Induction 
Alliance for Excellent Education and 
the New Teacher Center  
The Role of the Principal in
High-Quality Teacher Induction
New Teacher Center  Professional Development 

Element 6.2

  Manages human resources (ongoing professional development).

Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
Transforming Professional Development
into Student Results
Douglas Reeves  Book 
The Active Workshop: Practical
Strategies for Facilitating
Professional Learning
Ron Nash Book 
Schools That Learn  Peter Senge et al.  Book 
Protocols for Professional Learning
Conversations: Cultivating the Art
and the Discipline
Catherine Glaude  Book 
Online Professional Development 
through Virtual Learning Communities
Sonja Hollins-Alexander  Book 
Fierce Conversations: Achieving
Success at Work & in Life, One
Conversation at a Time
Susan Scott  Book 
Protocols for Professional Learning   Lois Brown Easton  Book 
Nine Lessons of Successful School Leadership Teams: Distilling a Decade
of Innovation
West Ed  Book 
Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed   Carl D. Glickman  Book 
Fear Your Strengths  Robert Kaplan & Robert Kaiser  Book 
Designing Professional Development for
Teachers of Science and Mathematics
Loucks-Horsley, et al  Book 
Becoming a More Versatile Leader  Maxine Dalton  Book 
Professional Development: Learning
from the Best - A Toolkit for Schools
and Districts Based on the National
Awards Program for Model Professional
Emily Hassel  PDF 
Professional Development Evaluation Protocol   Florida Department of Education 
Professional Community and
Professional Development in
the Learning-Centered School
Models and Best Practices
in Teacher Professional
Mary Hooker  PDF 
Professional Learning Community 
Center for Comprehensive School
Reform and Improvement 
Web Resource 
Professional Development Toolbox   The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Resources for Washington Professional Learning Communities   PLC Washington (WEA & ESD 113)  Web Resource 
Reflect on Your Professional Practice  Alberta Teachers' Association  Web Resource 
Program Evaluation Tools   New York State Teacher 
Resources Centers 
Web Resource 
Professional Learning Resources  Washington Association for 
Supervision and Curriculum 
Web Resource 
Professional Learning Community Resources  Center for Comprehensive School
Reform and Improvement 
Web Resource 
Professional Learning Communities: Research Summary   Association for Middle Level Education  Web Resource 
Professional Learning Communities
AllthingsPLC  Web Resource 
Professional Development Toolbox  The New Teacher Project  Web Resource 
Professional Certification Information  PESB  Web Resource 
PD Activities for Professional Growth  Alberta Teachers' Association
Web Resource 
Online PLCs   edWeb  Web Resource 
Learning Forward Website   Learning Forward  Web Resource 
Develop a Professional Growth Plan  Alberta Teachers' Association  Web Resource 
Administrator Professional Certificate
Renewal FAQ
PESB  Web Resource 
Ackerley Inquiry Project   Ackerley Network  Web Resource 
Maximizing Professional Learning
to Support Student Learning
ASCD  Web Resource 
Maximizing Professional Learning 
to Support Student Learning
ASCD  Webinar 
Leadership Development Webinars  Center for Creative Leadership  Webinar 
Assessing the Impact of Professional
Learning Forward  Webinar 
ASCD Webinars   ASCD  Webinar 

Element 6.3

  Manages fiscal resources.
Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research    
School Funding in Washington  Washington Education Association
Grant Writing 101  George Hademenos. Principal.
January-February 2005  
The Strategic School: Making the
Most of People, Money and Time
Karen Hawley-Miles & Stephen Frank Book 
Smarter Budgets, Smarter Schools:
How to Survive and Thrive in Tight Times
Nathan Levenson
Successful Grant Writing for
School Leaders: 10 Easy Steps
Kenneth Henson  e-book 
Student-Based Budgeting  Voices in Urban Education. 
Annenberg Institute for School Reform 
Student Body Funds Quiz   Washington Association of School
Business Officials 
Smart School Budgeting: Resources
for Districts  
Rennie Center  PDF 
School-based Budgeting and Management  AASA
Resource Check Tool   Education Resource Strategies  PDF 
Purchasing Manual   Washington Association of School
Business Officials 
Oakland Unified School District
Impact Assessment: Results-Based Budgeting
Oakland Unified School District  PDF 
K-12 Education Spending and
Student Outcomes: A Review of
the Evidence
Washington State Institute for
Public Policy 
Is School Funding Fair? A National
Report Card
Education Law Center  PDF 
Guide to Student-Based
Budgeting 2008-09
Hartford Public Schools (CT)  PDF 
Funding a Better Education:
Conclusions from the First
Three Years of Student-Based
Budgeting in Hartford
Achieve Hartford! and Public Impact  PDF 
Financing Class Size Reduction  C.M. Achilles
SERVE Center 
Cherry Creek School District
Profile of Student-Based Budgeting
for Schools FY 2011-12
Cherry Creek School District (CO)  PDF 
ASB Fundraising: Resource Guide  Washington Association of School
Business Officials 
A Handbook for Student-Based
Budgeting, Principal Autonomy
and School Choice
Lisa Snell. Reason Foundation  PDF 
A 2012 Citizen's Guide to k-12 Finance   Washington State Senate  PDF 
Show Me the Money: Tips and
Resources for Successful
Grant Writing
Education World  Web Resource 
Olympia School District Educational
Olympia School District Educational Foundation  Web Resource 
DREAM: A New Way to Explore
School Budgets
Education Resource Strategies  Web Resource 
ASB Finance  Association of Washington 
School Principals 
Web Resource 
Turning Budget Shortfalls into 
Stronger Relationship, Credibility
National School Public Relations
Web Resource 
Student-Based Budgeting: A Better
Way to Fund Students and Performance
Partnership for learning  Web Resource 
School Funding Information  Funding Washington Schools  Web Resource 
School Finance Case Studies  Consortium for Policy Research
in Education 
Web Resource 
School Budget Hold'em   Education Resource Strategies  Web Resource 
Logic Model Development Guide   W.K. Kellogg Foundation  Web Resource 
List of Education Grants  Fundsnet Services  Web Resource 
Fundraising  National PTA  Web Resource 
Fundraising Finder  Web Resource 
Bellevue Schools Foundation   Bellevue Schools Foundation  Web Resource 

Element 6.4

Fulfills legal responsibilities.
Resource  Author  Format
Books and Research     
Legal Dimensions of School Activities  Rachel Permuth. Principal Leadership. 
October 2000 
Working in a Legal and Regulatory
Environment: A Handbook for School Leaders
David J. Sperry  Book 
What Every Principal Needs to Know
About Special Education
Margaret J. McLaughlin  Book 
Violence in Student Writing: A School 
Administrator's Guide
Gretchen Oltman  Book
The School Law Handbook: What Every 
Leader Needs to Know
Bosher Jr., Kaminski & Vacca  Book
The 200 Most Frequently Asked
Legal Questions for Education
Nathan Essex  Book
Smarter Clicking: School Technology
Policies that Work!
Christopher Wells  Book
Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and
Minimizing Risk in Classrooms
Aimee Bissonette  Book 
Better IEPs: How to Develop 
Legally Correct - 5th Edition
Mary Beth Loinden  Book 
Avoiding Legal Hassles: What School
Administrators Really Need to Know -
Second Edition
Streshly, Whalsh & Frase  Book 
Anatomy of a Lawsuit: What Every
Education Leader Should Know
About Legal Actions
Shoop & Dunklee  Book 
The Virginia Model for Student
Threat Assessment
Dewey Cornell.
American Psychological Association 
The Basics of School Law: A Guide
for School Directors
WSSDA, 2010
Teach Tort Liability   Jill K. Osborne  PDF 
Student Expression in the Age of
Columbine: Securing Safety and
Protecting First Amendment Rights
David L. Hudson. First Amendment Foundation  PDF 
Section 504/ADA (American with
Disabilities Act) Procedural Manual 
Broward County Florida Public 
Schools. 2012 
School Policies and Legal Issues
Supporting Safe Schools: Effective
Strategies for Creating Safer Schools
and Communities  
Hutton & Bailey.
Hamilton Fish Institute of School and Community Violence. 
Northwest Regional Education Laboratory  
Reproduction of Copyrighted Works
by Educators and Librarians
U.S Copyright Office  PDF 
Religion in the Public Schools: A 
Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits 
and Respecting Parents' Legal Rights
Anne Marie Lofaso. 
Americans United for Separation of
Church and State 
Policies Required by Federal Law   National School Boards Association. 2012  PDF 
Parental/Guardian Consent Form for Identifiable Information on Web Site   New Jersey Department of Education  PDF 
Open Public Meetings: A Guide
for School Board Members and 
WSSDA. 2012  PDF 
Know Your Rights: A Guide for
Public School Students in Washington
American Civil Liberties 
Union of Washington 
Information about Dispute
Resolution Mechanisms for
Special Education Students:
Mediation, Citizen Complaints
and Due Process
Forum Guide to the Privacy of
Student Information: A Resource
for Schools
National Cooperative Education Statistics Program. 2006  PDF 
A Teacher's Guide to Religion in
the Public Schools
First Amendment Center. 2008  PDF 
"I'm Calling My Lawyer" - How 
Litigation, Due Process and
Other Regulatory Requirements
are Affecting Public Education
Jean Joohnson & Ann Duffett  PDF
Special Education Law and Advocacy Training  Wrightslaw  Multimedia 
Civil Rights Laws  OSPI  Web Resource 
A Comparison of ADA, IDEA, and
Section 504
Disability RIghts Education and
Defense Fund 
Web Resource 
Special Education Law Resources  Wrightslaw  Web Resource 
Privacy in Education: Guide for
Parents and Adult-Age Students
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. 2013  Web Resource 
Parents and Student Rights  OSPI  Web Resource 
Out of Endorsement Assignment
and Assignment Waivers
Professional Educator Standards Board  Web Resource 
Model Forms for Services to
Students in Special Education
OSPI  Web Resource 
Copyright Rules  The Copyright Site  Web Resource 
Code of Professional Conduct  OSPI
Web Resource 
Civil Rights Laws  OSPI  Web Resource 
Civil Rights Information  OSPI  Web Resource 
AWSP Professional and Legal Services  AWSP  Web Resource 
A Comparison of ADA, IDEA, 
and Section 504
Disability RIghts Education
and Defense Fund 
Web Resource 
Pacific Northwest Institute on Special
Education and the Law
University of Washington School of Law  Conference 
Physical Restraint & Seclusion:
Issues, Policies and Practice
Council for Exceptional Children  Webinar