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Criterion 7: Engaging Communities

Element 7.1

  Communicates with community to promote learning.

Resource  Author  Format 
Books and Research     
Boxes, Bags and Videotape: Enhancing 
Home-School Communication Through 
Knowledge exchange Activities
Hughes and Greenhough. 
Educational Review 58:4, 2006 
Data Dashbord Tips  Blog 
Why Social Media Matters: School
Communication in the Digital Age 
Porterfield & Carnes. NASSP  Book 
What Every Principal Should Know
About School-Community Leadership
Jeffery Glanz   Book 
Think like a Patron  National School Public Relations
The Confrontational Parent: A
Practical Guide for School Leaders
Charles M Jaksec  Book 
School Public Relations for 
Student Success
Edward H. Moore  Book 
Principals in the Public: Engaging
Community Support
National School Public Relations 
Matching Your Message to the
Audience: A Practical Guide to
Structuring Language for
New Administrators
Robert A. Pauker & Mike Hilbbard  Book 
Involving Hard to Reach Parents: Creating Family/School Partnerships    Donald C. Lueder Book 
How to Market Your School   Johanna Lockhart
Communicating Effectively: Tools
for Educational Leaders
Michael Gilbert  Book 
Communicating & Connecting with
Social Media
Ferriter, Ramsden & Sheninger   Book 
Building Support for Your School:
How to Use Children's Work to
Show Learning
Judy Harris Helm & Amanda Helm  Book w/ CD 
The Complete Revised Crisis
Communication Management
Manual Package
National School Public
Relations Association 
Using Data in Multi-Agency Collaborations:
Guiding Performance to Ensure
Accountability and Improvement
 Walker, Farley & Polin PDF 
Toolkit for Educators: Reaching Out to Hispanic Parents of English Language Learners   Colorin Colorado  PDF 
Tips for Administrators, Teachers and
Families: How to Share Data Effectively
Harvard Family Research Project  PDF 
Promoting ELL Parental Involvement:
Challenges in Contested Times
M. Beatriz Arias & 
Millagros Morillo-Campbell  
Parent-Teacher Conference Tip Sheets   Harvard Family Research Project  PDF 
Implementing Student-Led 
Conferences in Your School 
National Association for Secondary School Principals
How to Establish a School-Home
Daily Report Card
Center for Children and Families  PDF 
FERPA and Homelessness  National Association for the Education
of Homeless Children and Youth
Data Dashboards for School Directors  Washington State School Directors' Association  PDF 
Communicating with Parents: Strategies
for Teachers 
Susan Graham-Clay  PDF 
Classroom Family Engagement Rubric  Flamboyen Foundation  PDF 
Breaking New Ground: Data Systems
Transform Family Engagement
Weiss, Lopez & Stark  PDF 
Making Parent Communication
Effective and Easy
National School Public Relations
Social Media Bootcamps  Ed Social Media Web Resource 
School Community Index  Academic Development Institute   Web Resource 
School Newsletter Templates  Education World Web Resource 
A Guide for Engaging ELL Families: 
Twenty Strategies for School Leaders 
Colorin Colorado  Web Resource 
Privacy in Education: Guide for
Parents and Adult-Age Students
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse  Web Resource 
Principals Share Tips for School
Newsletters That Work
Education World  Web Resource 
Parent and Student Rights  OSPI  Web Resource 
Managing Strong Emotional Reactions
to Traumatic Events: Tips for Parents
and Teachers
National Association of 
School Psychologists 
Web Resource 
Improving Family and Community
Engagement Through Sharing Data
Marion Baldwin & Sally Wade  Web Resource 
I Am CPS  Cincinnati Public Schools  Web Resource 
Home-School Communication - 
What's All the Commotion
Harvard Family Research Project  Web Resource 
"Welcome Kit" for New ELLs  Colorin Colorado  Web Resource 
Data Driven: Making Student and
School Data Accessible and
Meaningful to Families
Harvard Family Research Project  Webinar 
Communicating About Data: Sharing
Your School's and District's Story
with Your Stakeholders
Tanya Caughey. Education Northwest   Webinar 

Element 7.2

  Partners with families and school community.
Resource  Author
Books and Research     
Principal Leadership of Parent Involvement  James Griffith. Journal of Educational Administration 39 (2). 2001   Article 
Mutual Support: The Community
Schools Strategy
Jacobson, Hodges & Blank. Principal Leadership. Oct. 2011   Article 
Involvement or Engagement?   Larry Ferlazzo. Educational Leadership. 
68 (8). May 2011 
The School Administrator's Guide
for Supporting Students from
Military Families
Ron Avi Asto et. al. 
Teachers College Press. 2011 
You Can't Do It Alone: A Communications and Engagement Manual for
School Leaders Committed to Reform  
Jean Johnson  Book 
Multicultural Partnerships: Involve All Families  Hutchins et. al. Eye on Education. 2012  Book 
The Essential Conversation: What
Parents and Teachers Can Learn
from Each Other
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot  Book 
You Can't Do It Alone: A Communications
and Engagement Manual for
School Leaders Committed to Reform  
Jean Johnson  Book 
School, Family and Community
Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action
Joyce Epstein et al. 3rd Edition  Book 
Reaching Out to Latino Families
of English Language Learners  
Campos, Delgado & Soto Huerta   Book 
Promising Partnership Practices   National Network of Partnership Schools  Book 
I Hear You Knocking - But You Can't
Come In! A Framework for Creating
a Welcoming Environment in Schools
Eric Davis  Book 
Building School-Community Partnerships:
Collaboration for Student Success
Mavis Sanders  Book 
Creating Effective Community
Partnerships for School Improvement:
A Guide for School Leaders
Hazel Carter  Book 
Working Systemically in Action--
Engaging Family and Community: 
A Guide for Facilitators
Ferguson, Jordan & Baldwin  PDF 
What's Trust Got to Do With It?: A
Communications and Engagement
Guide for School Leaders Tackling the
Problem of Persistently Failing Schools
Public Agenda  PDF 
Using What We Know: Supporting
the Education of Unaccompanied
Homeless Youth
Patricia Julianelle  PDF 
Toolkit for Evaluating Community Schools   Coalition for Community Schools  PDF 
The School-Family Connection:
Looking at the Larger Picture
Chris Ferguson et al.  PDF 
The Missing Voices: What
Families Say About Family Involvement in Education 
Washington Office of the Educational Ombudsman  PDF 
PTA National Standards for
Family-School Partnerships: An
Implementation Guide
National PTA  PDF 
Building Relationships for Student
Success: School-Family-Community
Partnerships and Student Achievement
in the Northwest
Bringing Parenting Education into
the Early Childhood Care and 
Education System
Kerby Alvy et al.  PDF 
A Toolkit for Title 1 Parental Involvement  Chris Ferguson  PDF 
A New Wave of Evidence: The
Impact of School, Family and
Community Connections on
Student Achievement
Henderson & Mapp  PDF 
"Will It Be On the Test?" A Closer
Look at How Leaders and Parents
Think About Accountability in the
Public Schools
Jean Johnson  PDF 
Video Resources on Education of
the Homeless
National Center for Homeless Education  Video
Survey on School Partnerships  National Network of Partnership Schools  Survey 
Video Resources on Education 
of the Homeless
National Center for Homeless Education  Video 
Resources For Serving
Homeless Students
National Center for Homeless Education  Web Resource 
Resources for School Foundations  National School Foundatino Association  Web Resource 
Resources for Deliberative Discussions  Everyday Democracy  Web Resource 
Resource for Family Engagement   Parent Net  Web Resource 
Newsletters on School Partnerships  National Network of Partnership Schools  Web Resource 
National Network of Partnership 
Schools at Johns Hopkins University
NNPS  Web Resource 
Male Engagement  National PTA  Web Resource 
Interactive Guide to Community Schools  Coalition for Community Schools  Web Resource 
Community Resources  Web Resource 
Training and Services     
Linking Schools and Youth Service Resources  Washington Communities in School  Consultation Service 
Conflict Resolution Services   Washington Office of the Educational Ombudsman  Consultation Service 
Capacity Building for Community Engagement  Public Agenda  Consultation Service 
Implementation of Community Schools  Coalition for Community Schools  Webinar 
Achieving Excellence and Innovation
in Family, School and Community
SEDL National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools  Webinar 
Professional Development Workshops  National Network of Partnership Schools  Workshop