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User's Guide for iBooks Store FAQs

Purchasing a Single Copy
To buy a single copy of the User's Guide, open the iBooks for iOS app on your iPad or open iBooks for Mac (must have operating system 10.9, OS X Mavericks, or later). Find the User's Guide here, or search the iBooks Store for “AWSP” and the book should pop right up. 

Volume Purchasing
Educational institutions can distribute iBooks through the Volume Purchase Program for Education. Most major educational institutions probably already have an account administered by their IT teams. If you need to enroll, visit to get started. If you're already set up for Volume Purchasing, buy the User's Guide and distribute with redeemable codes or managed distribution for iOS devices on iOS 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.9 or later. 

Available to view and buy on the iBooks Store for either iPad or Mac. If you search in the iBooks Store on an iPhone, no results will be found. Due to the smaller screen size, interactive books are not viewable on an iPhone.

Why iBooks
We’ve put the User’s Guide in the iBooks Store for iOS and Mac for two major reasons:

  • Over 96% of our tablet traffic comes from the iPad
  • Currently, no other platforms offer an integrated authoring tool, hosting, distribution, and purchasing solution