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Preparing for a 24-Credit Graduation Requirement:
Part 1

Welcome to our 24 Credit Video Workshop. We've been receiving lots of calls and emails asking how to prepare, schedule for, and implements systems to create more opportunities in a world where 24 credits are required for graduation. You'll be lead through the videos by Scott Seaman, our Director of High School Programs, given a bit of context from Ben Rarick, Executive Director of the State Board of Education, and hear principals and students in three different high schools across the state about how systems and the master schedule can create opportunities for all students.

The videos are separated into different chapters. Scott says, "feel free to pause the video" a few times, but rest assured, you can keep the video rolling until it ends and you'll have plenty of time for your leadership team to discuss each segments and the questions presented. 

Be sure to download the guiding document/notetaker to help guide your discussion and reflection. Leave your feedback on and take our survey at the end. Your feedback will help us provide better resources in the future. 

Lastly, thanks to Jostens for sponsoring this video. 

Chapter 1

Discussion Questions

  • How a school defines and offers credits?
  • What programs are in place for remediation and credit retrieval?
  • What programs are in place for acceleration or extended learning?
  • What partnerships and articulation agreements are in place with local colleges or universities?
  • What college in the high school programs are available?
  • What dual credit programs are available?
  • What competency-based credits available?

Download the Guiding Document/Notetaker (Fillable PDFWordPages)

*In the video, Scott says something to the effect of "districts determine what a credit is." it is more accurate to say that districts determine the time basis of the credit. WAC 180-51-050 defines a high school credit. 

New Graduation Requirement Resources for Families and Students from the State Board of Education


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