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Elementary Science Video Workshop

Elementary science experiment

In this workshop, Amber McCulloch, K–12 Science Specialist at OSPI, and Scott Seaman, Director of Professional Learning at AWSP, walk you through some learning tools centered around why elementary science, what does good science instruction look like, and how building leadership teams can best implement changes to what science instruction looks like in your school. 

The 22 minute video is broken up into several chapters. As you watch with your leadership team, you’ll pause the video to take time to reflect, discuss, and assess. The whole process will likely take around 90 minutes if you do it all at once. 

Before you start the video, be sure to take the two-question self-assessment survey. All the documents and learning tools you'll need can be downloaded in the sidebar. You can also find the teaching video embedded below. 

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Special Thanks

  • Bay View K–8: Aaron Darragh, Principal; Ericka Tolf, 1st Grade Teacher; Todd Hausman, 5th Grade Teacher; and students Owen, Madison, Autumn, Mia, and Mischa
  • Ryan Patterson, Elementary Science Instructional Facilitator, Tacoma Public Schools
  • Peggy Wilcuts, Sr. STEM Education Consultant, Office of STEM Education, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Julie Fry, 1st Grade Teacher, Yakima School District
  • Philippa Farrell, TOSA, Snohomish School District
  • Michael Brown, Regional Science Coordinator, ESD 105
  • Stacy Meyer, Regional Science Coordinator, ESD 112
  • Tana Peterman, Program Officer, WA STEM
  • Shelley Stromholt, Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Science and Math Education, University of Washington