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Video Series


Our twice-a-month video news update with education news, event updates, and tips, tricks, and takeaways from staff and principals across the state. 


In our second episode of AWSP TV, former Washington State Governor and current Challenge Seattle CEO, Christine Gregoire, talks with our Scott Seaman and Roz Thompson about leadership, the changing role of the principalship, and the importance of having great principal leadership in each and every school.

Fast Fives

Five tips, tools, and takeaways from principals across the state, all in five minutes or less. We’ve got some great ideas for principals, by principals.

Featured Videos

Featuring inspiring, unique, and cool stories from across the state. How many different evaluation criteria can you find in each video?

Events & Promos

Special occasions, celebrations, events, and highlights from our workshops. We do fun well. 



Get the latest news and updates on legislative or advocacy issues and find out how you can influence it.

Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction videos answer commonly asked questions or address myths or misconceptions, all in under two minutes.

Video Workshops

Brought to you by OSPI and AWSP, this workshop will help you integrate elementary science into your offerings or improve what you're already doing.

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