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AWSP membership is an essential investment in your own future at every stage of your career. That’s why 98 percent of Washington principals belong to AWSP.

No other statewide education organization offers the same variety of member benefits. There are professional development workshops, conferences to enhance leadership skills, award-winning publications and a wealth of resources to help you stay on top of trends and tactics. We are the only principals association in the country with our own leadership framework, a division entirely devoted to student leaders, and two great learning centers (one on each side of the state). 

Your “active” status with AWSP also includes membership in the national principal association of your choice, providing even more benefits with your membership.

Membership Year

AWSP's membership year begins every September 1 and expires August 31. New memberships for the 2019-20 membership year will start processing on July 1, 2019.

Membership Type & Dues

AWSP offers four membership types. Dues options and prices are on the membership application forms. 

Print and complete the appropriate membership application from the list below. Then, email, fax or snail-mail us the application along with your check, purchase order or credit card information. For all fillable PDF forms, please save the form to your computer before you complete it.

Active Membership

Open to principals, assistant principals and others employed in professional work related to the elementary, middle level or high school principalship.

Membership automatically includes:

  • Membership in one of the national affiliates:

    • National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)
    • National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
  • Liability and legal benefits as specified in respective national membership materials:
    • $2 million worth of professional liability insurance coverage.
    • Legal benefit fund built at a rate of $1000/year based on continuous membership, up to a $10,000 maximum.
  • State and National advocacy
  • Professional learning opportunities
  • State and National publications
  • Networking
  • And much more!

Associate Membership

Open to central office personnel, teachers, college professors/instructors and others who are employed in the educational field other than the principalship. Does not include legal benefits.

National membership options include:

AWSP Associate & NAESP Active

  • Full membership in the National Association of Elementary School Principals, including liability and legal benefits. 

AWSP Associate & NASSP Active

  • Full membership in the National Association of Secondary School Principals, including liability and legal benefits. 

Intern Membership

Open to those who are pursuing a career in administration and are working to obtain their principal credentials. Does not include legal benefits. Individuals are eligible to retain an Intern Membership for four years after completing an internship program. If you have not obtained an administration position by that time, your membership will be renewed as an Associate Member.

National membership options include:


  •  Active NAESP or NASSP membership includes liability and legal benefits. 

NAESP Aspiring or NASSP Associate

  • These memberships do not include legal/liability benefits.

Emeritus Membership

If you're no longer employed full-time in education, you can join as an Emeritus Member, which includes all publications and full access to AWSP's website, free registration to our annual conference, and eligibility for service on committees and short-term projects or programs.

National membership options include:

NAESP Emeritus

  • Open to former NAESP Active members who are no longer employed full-time in education and does includes all benefits, liability coverage and voting privileges.

NASSP Full Service Retired

  • Open to former NASSP Active members who are no longer employed full-time in education and includes all benefits as well as liability coverage for prior incidents.


For More Information 

Annalee Braley | Membership Coordinator | (800) 562-6100