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Principal Interns


AWSP supports aspiring principals. We help new administrators develop skills in core areas ranging from time management and crisis planning to curriculum development and communication with key stakeholders.

State-Funded Intern Program

The Washington State Education Leadership Intern Program Grant provides funds to school districts for the partial release time of district employees participating in an administrative intern program.

Professional Learning

You don't have to be in the State-Funded Intern Program to take advantage of this great professional growth opportunity:

Aspiring School Leaders Network

This four-part series is designed to provide resources, guidance and supports to those who have set their sights on leading and transforming educational systems for all students. Attendees will learn how to enhance their administrative internship experience, hear from successful veteran leaders in the field and gain valuable insights on preparing for employment in a leadership role.

Workshops will be held July 2018, October 2018, February 2019 and March 2019.



AWSP supports interns and their mentors with a variety of resources:
  • Activities to maximize your internship
  • Advice from first-year principals
  • Ways to meet the WA Principal & Program Administrator Standards

AWSP Intern Membership

An AWSP Intern Membership offers the same access to workshops, conferences, publications and resources that are available to practicing principals, but at a much lower cost.


For More Information 

Macy Bruhy | Professional Learning & Intern Support | (800) 562-6100