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Week in Review: March 30 - April 3

Week in Review for March 30 - April 3

Monday, the Committee held a public hearing on ESSB 5748 which clarifies the teacher and principal evaluation process, aka, the “waiver bill.” Over 300 people signed in opposed to the bill, while only 22 had time to testify before the Committee. Half of those who testified supported the bill and half opposed it.

Prior to the public hearing, the Committee had an executive session and passed five bills out:

  • E2SSB 5179 - Concerning paraeducators.

  • 2SSB 5252 - Creating a program to implement regional safety and security centers.

  • SSB 5679 - Concerning transition services for special education students.

  • SSB 5721 - Concerning the membership of the expanded learning opportunities council.

  • ESSB 5803 - Concerning the notification of parents when their children are below basic on the third grade statewide English language arts assessment.

Tuesday, the Committee held an executive session on two bills and moved them out of their Committee:

  • HB 1345 – Adopting a definition and standards of profession learning. The bill was amended to include the language of SB 5748, the “waiver bill.”

  • HB 1240 – Concerning restraint or isolation of students, including students with disabilities, in public schools.