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Week in Review: March 9-13

Tuesday, the House Education Committee held a work session regarding the Achievement Index and setting threshold scores on the high school Smarter Balanced Assessments. Ben Rarick, Executive Director of the State Board of Education (SBE), and his staff reviewed the thinking of the SBE around the rules they have adopted about the scores students need to graduate.

Thursday, the Committee held a public hearing on seven bills of interest to principals:

  • ESSB 5083 - Enacting the sudden cardiac arrest awareness act. AWSP signed in support.

  • SSB 5163 - Providing for educational data on students from military families.

  • SSB 5202 - Regarding the financial education public-private partnership. AWSP signed in support.

  • SSB 5294 - Concerning school library and technology programs. AWSP signed in support.

The next three bills were heard after cutoff but could be considered as being “tee’d” up for the 2016 session.

  • HB 1983 - Creating the TEACH pilot project of financial assistance for teachers taking basic skills and content tests for teacher certification programs.

  • HB 1996 - Requiring music education in elementary schools.

  • HB 2117 - Reevaluating the duties of the state board of education.

The Senate Early Learning & K–12 Education Committee did not hold a meeting this week, but they are scheduled to hold three next week.