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Bill Watch - April 3

Bill Watch

Twenty Survive Cutoff

During the 2015 legislative session, over 140 education bills were introduced. After the first major cutoff, 55 were still alive. As of the last major policy cut off, 20 are still alive. The House sent 29 public education-related bills to the Senate Early Learning & K–12 Committee; four moved on. Conversely, about half of the Senate bills sent to the House Education Committee have moved on.

Other policy changes continue to hang around because they are considered necessary to implement the budget. For example, HB 2214, introduced by Representative Reykdal (D - Olympia), requires students who fail to meet the standard on Smarter Balanced Assessments to take and pass locally determined courses as a senior and has not had a hearing, but is still considered in play because it would save the state $30 million. Bills also come back to life as amendments to other bills, which has happened with SB 5748, which had a hearing in the House Education Committee but did not pass out of the committee. HB 1345, who’s prime sponsor is Representative Kristine Lytton (D – Anacortes), was amended in the Senate Early Learning & K–12 Education Committee, so the “waiver bill” is still in play.

Review the AWSP Bill Watch for the policy bills that appear to be headed to the Governor’s desk.