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We know principals across the state have very different access to professional learning. If you're along the I-5 corridor in the Puget Sound, you have way more options than in rural parts of southeast Washington. Budgets for professional learning, support for being out of the building...all those things impact a principal's ability to access resources and improve. As much as we'd love to get to every corner of the state, that's not sustainable either. 

Our video workshops are designed to bring our content to wherever you are, on your time, and with your team. They're designed to be watched with a team and we provide resources and guiding questions to help make them interactive. 

Our Offerings

Why Elementary Science?

Elementary Science workshop screenshot

Amber McCulloch, K–12 Science Specialist at OSPI, and Scott Seaman, Director of Professional Learning at AWSP, walk you through some learning tools centered around why elementary science, what good science instruction look like, and how building leadership teams can best improve science instruction in your school.

The 24-Credit Grad Requirement

24 credit screenshot

Our first workshop shows you how to prepare, schedule for, and implements new schedules and systems to create more opportunities in a world where 24 credits are required for graduation. You'll be lead through the videos by Scott Seaman and hear from principals and students in three different high schools across the state about how the master schedule can create opportunities for all students. 


For More Information 

Scott Seaman | Executive Director | (800) 562-6100