Beyond the Bake Sale: Paying for a Coach

Jan 06, 2015

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Posted by Martin Fortin

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Beyond the Bake Sale: Paying for a Coach

Q. Can our volleyball team run a fundraiser through ASB to get money to pay for an additional coach? Could our equestrian team do the same thing?

A. It is possible to use ASB funds for employee stipends. BUT…
  • Paying a stipend out of ASB would depend on the collective bargaining contract.  If this position has been included, then you can pay the employee out of payroll and invoice the ASB. If the position is not in the contract, you will have to wait and negotiate it into the next cycle.
  • You will also need to have student and adviser approval.
  • If the employee is not a certified teacher (or otherwise exempt) then you must pay at least minimum wage based on a time card report.
  • You may also have Title IX gender equity issues.
  • Remember the school board has final say on employment issues.

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