I was expecting that when that many forward thinking, innovative drivers are put together, that there would be a plethora of best practices shared as well as ideas as to how we can all move our individual buildings forward. I was NOT disappointed.

headshot of Cris Turner
Cris Turner
Principal, Bonney Lake High School

Many of the challenges we face are very common. From creating a redemptive culture, to vital conversations around race, to dealing with the 'nuts and bolts' of our day-to-day reality, AWSP gives us a forum to discuss, question and think together.

Darren Nelson
Principal, Mt. Spokane High School

Being a building leader can be an incredibly lonely profession. This level of PD, the frequency we meet, and the topics that we engage in will help to combat that feeling of isolation that many of us can experience.

Jack Arend

I can honestly say this has been the best professional development I've ever had. The things I have learned and brought back to my building have had a direct impact on student achievement.

Jason Smith

We are all experienced administrators, and now we are in a position to benefit from one another's experience, and then pass our collective ideas onto others so that we rise together in Washington.

Kirsten Rue

The MPLN work moved my own thinking forward regarding effective leadership and system development. Most importantly, the focus on equity and collaborative leadership sharing provided a number of ideas to bring to my own school and district.

Tom Edwards

Professional Learning

One size doesn't fit all, so we provide a number of different ways for principals to stay sharp and improve their skills. We offer content for interns, assistant principals, and principals in all stages of their career, in person and online. From our cohort-based Launching Principal Leadership and Building Effective Leadership networks to our video workshops, we've got something bound to be up your alley. 

Featured Event

Stage 2 Topics:
  • Exploring the Becoming while Doing aspects of your leadership.
  • Continue tackling historically inequitable systems in your school.
  • Maximizing the most valuable resource: your students.
  • Developing the five-year vision for your school: where are you on your journey?

Workshops / Conferences

  • Oct

    The Aspiring School Leaders Network three-stage cohort series is designed to provide resources, guidance and supports to those who have set their sights on leading and transforming educational systems for all students.

  • Nov

    AWSP's Launching School Leadership Network brings new and newly assigned school leaders three opportunities to maximize their leadership during the first year.

  • Dec

    This four-part workshop series and facilitated training for principals and assistant principals is designed to help school leaders close opportunity gaps and increase learners’ life chances. Build your school leadership capacity to lead collaborative data analyses with your school staff. Tools and resources will be covered, including the AWSP Leadership Framework, Evidence of Impact Tool, and School Leader Paradigm.

Video Workshops

Elementary Science Workshop

Amber McCulloch, K–12 Science Specialist at OSPI, and Scott Seaman, Director of Professional Learning at AWSP, walk you through some learning tools centered around why elementary science, what good science instruction look like, and how building leadership teams can best improve science instruction in your school.

Additional Workshops

Aspiring School Leaders Network (ASLN)
ASLN provides resources, guidelines and supports to those who have set their sights on becoming a school leader.

Launching School Leadership Network (LSLN)

LSLN brings new and newly assigned administrators three opportunities to maximize their leadership during the first year.

Building Effective Leadership Network (BELN)
BELN brings administrators three opportunities to maximize their leadership during year 2 and beyond.

Professional Learning That's Relevant and Fun

At AWSP, we believe adult learning should be fun and engaging, just like it should be for the students in your building. We promise to never deliver death-by-PowerPoint and bore you with sit and get learning. We believe learning happens when adults APPEAR:
  • Access expertise inside and outside of the group
  • Participate in authentic activities with the group
  • Practice using relevant problems of practice
  • Engage (formerly and informally) with colleagues
  • Apply new learning to professional contexts
  • Reflect on leadership and new learnings


Photo of Scott Seaman on a chair
Scott Seaman addresses the Mastering Principal Leadership Network during their fifth meeting.

From Attributes to Action: Principal Leadership Paradigms

School Leader Paradigm

school leadership paradigm diagram

Principal Action Paradigm

principal action paradigm diagram

Ed Leaders Network (ELN)

What is ELN?

The Ed Leaders Network (ELN) is grounded in the belief that educational leaders impact student performance. With this foundational belief at ELN’s core, multiple state principal associations partnered together to provide you high quality, on demand professional development to enhance your educational leadership. We created a dynamic professional networking community so you can learn and interact with your peers and leadership experts from across the country. ELN’s mission is to provide educators with the professional development and capacity building professional network needed to do what’s best for your students and learning community.


As an AWSP member, you can access tothe Ed Leaders Network (ELN) at a a special rate of $99 a year for an unlimited 12-month subscription. That’s a savings of $100 from the nonmember rate! ELN is one of the nation’s most respected providers of high-quality, on-demand webinars developed specifically for educational leaders with hundreds of courses available.