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Washington Principal is the official print publication of AWSP. This award-winning, quarterly magazine features articles written by practicing principals, district communicators and other school administrators.

Articles focus on what’s happening now in K-12 education in Washington state, giving you access to resources you can’t find anywhere else.

Volume 3: 2019-20 | Tribal Education & Unprecedented Times

The COVID-19 global pandemic has challenged us all to rise as leaders. The spring 2020 issue of Washington Principal is unlike any other because it was produced and released in the midst of school leaders rising to this challenge. It includes a mix of articles written before and during the rise of the pandemic. You'll find fresh perspectives on inclusion, diversity, key relationships in the school, and leading in unprecedented times.

We specifically highlight the leadership of North Thurston Public Schools and River Ridge High School Assistant Principal Mike Smith. They’re making sure the relationship between the Nisqually tribe and the schools who serve their students won’t be overlooked.

We’ve seen tremendous examples this spring of what leadership looks like and how vital your roles are. With so much uncertainty about next school year, it’s never too early to envision how you’ll take what you learned this spring and apply those lessons this fall and beyond. What will school like like next year? How will you address equity gaps made wider by the pandemic? Where do you see yourself as a leader this time next year? Five years from now?

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From the Editor's Desk

David Morrill, Communications Director
Vision, by a school leader’s definition, is seeing culture, systems, and learning through a lens of hope. What’s current reality, and how can it be improved? What can be done to maximize student voice, innovation, and family engagement? In the wake of COVID-19, vision is even more important than ever.
For example, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give our 2020 Summer Conference a vision theme. For one, there are too many good puns. (We have your prescription for a great year!) But more importantly, this is a critical time in education for focus, clarity, and insight.

From the AWSP President

Leadership has always been challenging. Challenging in a good way, of course. Principals love a challenge when it comes to doing something right for kids. For many of us, our communication skills with staff members, communities, and kids is one of the reasons why we are currently in the principalship. We know how to work with people and to lead them in the right direction for kids. We know how to build positive relationships with all of our stakeholders to ensure we are moving forward, together. It is a different time. It calls for a new kind of leadership.

From the Exec Director

The crackle of the radio was rarely good news, and today’s urgent all-channel broadcast was no different. “There’s an angry student who took a shovel from the greenhouse and is swinging wildly at anyone who comes near him in the courtyard,” was the panicked message from the high school front office. As principal, I remember changing courses immediately from wherever my previous mission was taking me and began running straight toward the courtyard. We all have those moments in our career where you think that you’ve seen it all — until you are reminded quite directly that’s never the case.

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