Gary Kipp Discusses the Substitute Teacher Shortage Survey Results on KOMO 4

Sep 12, 2017

AWSP/OSPI Survey Drawing Attention to the Teacher Shortage

Not too long ago, we partnered with OSPI to survey our members about the substitute teacher shortage. Over 700 principals responded to the survey. We learned what we had long suspected and heard anecdotally: the shortage of substitute teachers is placing a strain on schools. In fact, almost all school leaders describe their substitute hiring situation as either a struggle or a crisis. This is true for urban, suburban, and rural schools across every region of the state. Survey data shows, however, that the substitute teacher shortage is even more pronounced in the most impoverished schools.


AWSP’s Executive Director, Gary Kipp, told KOMO 4 News


“What we are really talking about here is a not substitute shortage, it’s a teacher shortage and we are sucking substitutes into the teaching roles to fill those classes.”

Check out the survey results, which paint a very bleak picture, or watch the story on KOMO 4.

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